Wednesday, October 5, 2016

LA LA LA + 2 Shows !

Hello friends!
It's been too long.  A lot has happened.  I had a baby.  I'm a crazy, disheveled mom now, with a new album I'd love to share with you.   And this one is super special because.... it's a children's album!  But not your typical "wheels on the bus" children's album.  These are songs I wrote, in my normal, trying-to-be-adult-like, "Priscilla Ahn" style, but with the intention of singing these messages to children.  It's still very much meant for grown ups, but also (hopefully) appeals to kids and babies! I recorded these songs in my used-to-be studio, which is now my son's nursery. (my office has exploded into a new room that needs major organizing!).  I recorded these songs while I was pregnant.  Some songs induced more baby kicking than others.  When writing and recording the album, I pictured my tiny, soon-to-be son, I pictured children around the world, and I pictured you.

This has truly been a labor of love, and a dream come true to make.  I didn't have the heart (or wherewithal) to try and raise money to make this album.  I just hope that people will buy it for themselves, and if they like it, tell their friends to buy it.  Plus!  If you're feeling super retro and decide to purchase the actual disc, there's an adorable mini lyric coloring book inside!!! 
The release date is October 28th!  

You can pre-order HERE

- - - TOUR DATES - - -

San Francisco | 10/19 | Swedish American Music Hall 
You can buy tickets HERE 
Los Angeles | 10/21 | Largo
You can buy tickets HERE 


  1. Hi Priscilla,

    My name's Brian; I came to several of your shows here in LA. Not sure if you'll remember me, but I'm the guy that has the mini yamaha guitar you signed. Was going to try and go for sign # 4, but we my wife and I just had a baby too! That said, we won't be able to make it to your show. However! We wanted to congratulate you for the baby and the new album! We have a three month old daughter and the album you're releasing is basically perfect for us :)

    We're totally unsure if you're going to read this comment, but we thought we'd try to reach out like this to you anyway. We're exciting for you, your hubby, and your new baby! We're totally getting your new album (For babies! it's so perfect!) and we were also thinking that it would be great if you would consider doing another streaming show. That way, we could introduce our little baby to your music quasi-live! hahah


    Congrats again on all the wonderful news.
    We wish you the best

    Brian & Olive and Baby

    1. Hi Brian, Olive, and new beautiful baby! CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is the best excuse to not be able to see a show, and I've used it about a million times already! haha! The online show for adults (and kids!) is such a great idea! I just emailed some people about it... thanks for the idea! I hope you guys enjoy the album!! I play some of the lullabies for my son when he needs to sleep, or for chilling out to in the car, and it works a lot -- I hope you have the same luck with it!

      Also ~ I'm about to launch another blog: all about my foibles and lessons learned so far as a new mom. Hopefully it'll be a place where people can laugh, commiserate, or even gain a new handy tip. I'm sure you're super busy, but if you guys feel like it, check it out! I'm going to launch the first post very very soon!

      Congratulations to you and your family!!! <3

  2. こんにちは Priscilla,

    I am so excited to listen to your new album! The 28th can't come fast enough. Your music is something I always turn to when I'm stressed, and I'm sure this album will be equally as soothing. I'm especially excited for the Japanese song. I want to travel to Japan in the future. I love the language. すごいです!I'm also excited that you're having shows again. You should come to the East Coast sometime! Though of course mothering comes first. I hope all is well with your son. I'm sure you are a wonderful mother.

    Your fan,
    Veronica :)

  3. The San Francisco show was absolutely wonderful! It was a great selection of old and new songs of yours. Thank you for the music and for the pre-release of your new CD. P.S. Do you still have my green sharpie? ;-) -Steve

  4. Hey Priscilla!

    Thank you for an amazing time last night. I had to write about it.

    I hope you accept links here! Don't worry. It's just a blog post. You can delete it though, but if you read it, hope you enjoy it! :) You and the rest of the band made me smile throughout the entire night and trust me, it was a night needed and the hour and a half drive was totally worth it. I really hope we will cross paths again! Who knows! Maybe we will create art together someday! Cheers!

    1. WOW! Thank you for such a sweet blog post on the SF show! I have to say... the energy that night was SO much fun. I haven't felt so supported at a show like that in a very long time, or even, ever?? The audience couldn't have been nicer. I'm so glad you enjoyed Wendy's set too! And I barely hung out after the show! I had to finish up an interview backstage, and then head back to my baby!!! So sorry I didn't have a chance to meet you in person! Thank you soooo much for making such a long trek to see the show! I hope you had an easy and safe journey back home!

  5. Hi Priscilla!

    I'm so excited to listen the album and so happy that you're sharing this new chapter of your life with us. My husband and I are moving back up to SF Bay Area soon, but I just had to catch one more of your live shows. We're going to the Largo tonight to see you (I've seen you play in SF and LA). I had a tough past year adjusting to grown-up married life, self-development, and your music brings such joy to my life and inspires me to play more guitar, too. Definitely sending another live stream show! You can continue the share your gift and be close to your little one :D

    All the best to you and your family,

    1. Thanks again for coming before your big move!!! I hope everything goes (or has gone) smoothly!!! SF is such a beautiful city. Music is so healing for all of our life challenges. I don't know where I'd be without it. Hopefully we'll set up a live stream show soon!