Wednesday, July 14, 2010

some photos & projects

Hi everyone!

It's definitely turned into Summer here in L.A. really fast! And my house has no AC, so I'm really feeling the heat. So I find myself being really lethargic lately. I realize that my days "off" are quickly dwindling, because I think I'm about to go into the studio to make Album #2 really soon, so I need to make the most of these empty days as much as I can.

So yesterday, I've decided to start 2 new projects.

Project #1: Dahlias

I stopped by one of my favorite flower shops and just couldn't resist one of their many beautiful dahlia plants. From what I can tell, they require a little maintenance. So this is my fun new project #1! I've named my plant "Penelope".

Project #2: Thank You cards

Since I didn't get a chance to make any wedding invites as I had originally planned, I'm moving on to the "thank you" cards.

And I finally uploaded some more pictures from the past month. Here are a few I like:

My broken Totoro cup

A very proud mom at the Gay Pride Parade

Sparkly car in the Gay Pride Parade

And sparklers

I hope you're having a wonderful July. Stay cool!

love love
p. ahn

p.s. Today I've been listening to: El Perro Del Mar & The High Llamas' "Hawaii"

Sunday, July 11, 2010

the aftermath

Thank you all for your beautiful and supportive comments! I read thru them with my husband (a new word I'm starting to get used to!) and we really felt the love. Thank you so much!

And sorry... I've decided to not post any wedding photos, simply because of how many other random people can see them. I would love to share the photos with all of my blog readers, but as far as I know, there's no real way to control who could see them on the web. It never really dawned on me until one day my name popped up on google images, and I saw that random photos that I would put on myspace or facebook or on my blog would show up there. Something I didn't realize was a consequence of posting any pictures, anywhere on the web. Sorry to let some of you down! I really would love for you to see them!

And since being married, life has been a whirlwind. Seems like we used up all of our good luck in making the wedding happen, and came back home to a list of bad luck, hehe. So we've had our hands full trying to deal with everything, one day at a time, and on top of that, trying to celebrate with friends and family here and there. And then I was without internet for a week (Screw you AT&T). I finally canceled AT&T and am with someone else, and I am soooooooooo happy!

Been writing with friends, and still on the hunt for a producer for album #2 which is long over due!!! I'm very excited about the new songs though!

And so, I leave you with this music video that is super "kawaii". I know, it's random. But it made me smile. :)

p. ahn