Saturday, February 12, 2011

successful shopping is like writing a good song

When I write songs, I personally try to avoid forcing anything onto the page. If I get stuck and start over-thinking things too much, what comes out usually isn't 100% genuine, and in the end, the song is forgotten and never played again. Most of the songs I keep and play over and over, are ones that come fairly easily, and just sort of flow out (definitely not an every day occurrence!).

I found myself explaining how my songwriting process compares to clothes shopping today, to Mike and our friend Danny*.

Some days, you walk into a store, and you want to buy something so badly, but everything you choose isn't the right size, the right color, or just isn't QUITE that... je ne sais quoi? So in my case, I'll force myself to buy something that I'll never wear, and end up giving away to Goodwill 2 years later (a terrible habit (but I suppose awesome for some Goodwill shoppers)).

But today was not that day for me! Today I ran into a store** that caught my eye, picked out 4 pieces*** in under 3 minutes, tried them all on, and they all fit perfectly somehow, and are things I could wear everyday. Nothing forced.

Like a good song, these will all be keepers. :)

Happy shopping/writing/creating/cooking/reading/finding/loving/crying/sighing/growing/happy happy day!

p. ahn

* It was very fun explaining this to two dudes who go shopping once a year.
** Driftwood, in Silver Lake. Everything is 30 - 50% off right now!
*** I got 2 long vintage skirts, a one-piece dress in a beautiful floral print, and a boy's vintage blue hoodie. Fun!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pre-show jitters!

I always get nervous for NYC shows. I don't know why. I just want it to be good so badly, and I guess I put pressure on myself, because I'm only here maybe twice a year, so I feel like I have to make a really good impression. Arg!

I guess I have to come to terms with the fact that I'm not perfect. No one is! If everyone was, this world would be super booooring. So in that case, tonight's show should be super interesting, because I'm sure to mess up a lot!

So tonight, I'm going to enjoy myself and all my mistakes. Because this is who I am. Let's all make mistakes together! Yay!!! :)

p. ahn

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You Must Watch This

Watching this makes me so happy. They give me chills every time. They allow the spirit of this song to fly.

You should check out their other videos too! The girl who sings the Lady Gaga song, kills it better than Lady Gaga herself!


p. ahn