Friday, April 30, 2010

Response/New Wardrobe please?

First of all, all of your comments either made me smile, go "ewwww", or crack up out loud. :)

So to answer some of your questions:

1. The tea looks like really dark urine (nobody asked about this, but just thought I'd say it)
2. It tastes bad. A little bitter.
3. The anime I watched was "Porco Rosso", a Miyazaki film about a flying pig--haha! I used to watch Cowboy Bebop. ;)
4. The furry thing in my herbs is some sort of plant?
5. I loved your idea of putting pieces of wood and things from nature in a glass jar. I hope it turned out nicely for you!
6. Here's what my herb brewing pot looks like. I thought it was pretty cute. Notice my new espresso machine behind it that is out of commission for a while. :(

Now on to other things....

The other day I stood in front of my closet and found absolutely nothing appealing in it to wear. I never used to be like this! I was never the girl in high school who wore a different outfit every day. Usually I recycled the same pair of jeans a couple times a week, and sometimes a shirt and hoped that no one would notice. And well, I guess I'd be lying if I said I didn't still sort of do that. It wasn't until a few years ago that I actually started buying dresses and skirts. And now I love shopping and having options. It's fun to put things together to make a completely new outfit. But now I want NEW things to make new outfits!

This is one of my favorite clothing stores ever:
I found it walking through Amsterdam. Unfortunately, they have no stores in the U.S., and you can't order from them online. :( Their materials are soooooo soft, and I dunno....just special--really! I want so many things from their High Summer collection--including some of the kid's stuff!


I want this cardigan (in a big girl size)

Great pants, and yes, I want a big bouquet of colorful balloons too

How beautiful is this? I love parasols and tulle.

But since these are all things I can't have unless I go to Europe this summer, I bought these handmade notebooks instead from YourSecretAdmiral. I found them via.

Yay! :)

love love,
p. ahn

{this post was happily thought up and typed to you to Johnny Cash tunes}

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I started seeing an acupuncturist about a month ago. I had pretty terrible allergies this past month. Sneezing a hundred times a day to the point where it almost starts feeling good, and itchy throat and eyes. I've also been having a lot of neck pains and shoulder tension. And acid reflux. And.....

So for my new Eastern medicine cures:

1: Acid Reflux - I went on a bland diet. This past year I've struggled a little keeping my voice in tip top shape. All the docs told me to go on a bland diet. Meaning, no spicy food (but I'm Korean!!!), no chocolates or coffee (but I NEED them on a daily basis!!!), no gorging or eating late at night (but that's my style!!!), and no alcohol (but I need to get wasted atleast once a week!)*. I never really listened to these Western doctors. What do they know? They don't have ancient knowledge!!! Turns out, it actually works. (doh!)

2: Neck & Shoulder pain - My acupuncturist asked me stand up for her, how I normally would. Under her examining eyes, I felt like I looked like Jar Jar Binks. My posture is terrible!!! So I've been practicing better posture every day, and voilà! No more aches and pains! (Now that I recall, this is something a vocal teacher once told me back when I was recovering from laryngitis. Do I hate being told what to do that much???**)

3. And as far as the allergies....well, my acupuncturist prescribed me a nice healthy, pungent dose of Chinese herbs. Turns out you can't brew these things in any ordinary metal pot though (of course not!). So I bought a new electric clay pot to brew these bad boys in, as well as a book for pre-menopausal women (I of course, didn't realize the book was for women in their 50's+. The girl behind the desk simply told me that this was their most popular book. She also told me that she didn't like to read. But now that I look back on my last visit, I seem to recall everyone in the waiting room being old ladies. One of them might even have been knitting.) So I've been drinking this stuff, and I have to say--it's working! My allergies are 98% gone. And as for the book, so far I've only read the introduction on "Your Second Spring".

So the other day when I was bored, I decided to take a look at what all was in these bags of herbs. Answer is....I have no idea. As I was pouring the herbs into my fancy new clay pot, something hard fell to the floor. It was a piece of wood. An actual little piece of wood (pictured below). These mysterious dried artifacts from the forest, are actually quite beautiful up close.

That's all for now. I'm gonna go eat a brownie***, and watch some anime. The day keeps going back and forth between beautiful blue skies, and grey ones with little patches of rain.

I hope you have a good one!

p. ahn

* this of course, is not true.
** Yes.
*** I know, I know. I'm not technically allowed to eat a brownie on my bland diet. But today is a special day, and in case you forgot, please refer to the double asterisk right above this one. ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm back! First thing I did once I got internet again, I caught up with all my blog subscriptions. I'm seriously addicted! All the photos above are by Shabon. A new blog I found where he or she posts pictures daily, taken from many different analog cameras. It makes me want to buy another one for myself! I love the special quality of these old cameras. They're able to capture moments in time so intimately and subtly.

Thanks for the links on where to get polaroid film cheaper--that's so great! And for those who asked where I got my SX-70--ebay!

p. ahn

Monday, April 5, 2010

no internet

well, i have internet right now. I'm at an internet cafe. :/ Never fun...although it does make me focus on getting my work done and getting the heck out!

So what does one do without internet at home???

Here's my own "honey-do" list for today:

- sew on missing buttons
- fix that broken dress strap
- tidy up the corners
- try to cover a Mew song

Voilà! We'll see how far I get. Knowing me I'll get fixated on that old cross-stitch I started 3 years ago, and that'll be that.

p. ahn

Friday, April 2, 2010

my inspiration this week

via. I want a room like this in my house.

Ok, this last set of photos came out really tiny, huh? I found this via. And I think it's fascinating! These are just a few photos taken by Thierry Bouët on people's infatuations with their extra ordinary beds. You can see the photos much better, and read their interesting stories here:

I found all these photos in this past and they all made me smile. :)

p. ahn

Thursday, April 1, 2010

i took my camera to the beach

This past weekend I went to the beach twice! I forget how lucky I am to be living so close to the ocean. And I also forget how close the ocean really is! I took full advantage of the warm, summer weather we had, and spent one relaxing day in Santa Monica/Malibu, and one in Venice. These are just a few photos from the Santa Monica beach.

I love my SX-70 so much! For a while, I thought it was broken. I would put a new film cartridge in, I would take a few photos, then put it away. The next time I opened it up to take more photos, it wouldn't work! I realized that it wasn't my camera that was broken, but my film cartridge that went dead. Each cartridge has a little battery in it, which is what spits the polaroids out. So now, I take lots of pics in the matter of an hour or so. Which is fine with me. It's hard to stop anyway! If you're looking for sx-70 film, I ordered mine from here.

I'm glad you liked my tulip photos! :)

p. ahn