Monday, January 27, 2014

Less than a month away...

My new album, This Is Where We Are,  will be released in less than a month now!  February 25th to be exact.

Big thanks to Filter Magazine for the very kind review!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year, New Me

I feel so thankful to 2013, for all its ups and downs.  The lessons I've learned, or am still learning!  The new friends made, places seen, inspirations discovered!  And the year could not have ended better!

A 2 week tour through China 
11/27 - 12/8

{from top left to right}
Thanksgiving Day meal at Incheon Airport, en route to China // one of the many debaucherous and 90% vegetarian meals we had in China // a priceless Nicholas Cage ad // view from my hotel in Beijing // restaurant hallway // Sasha Smith, keyboard extraordinaire, on the misty streets of Shanghai // adorable and "armed" statues in Beijing // Shanghai sunset // rambunctious little elves at Shanghai Airport 

Making a music video for "Deck The Halls" with some of my closest friends

Playing the most memorable concert of my life at my favorite place in the world, The Ghibli Museum in Japan

Spending Christmas with my family in Pennsylvania
12/24 - 12/31

{one of a kind vase made by the amazing Polkaros -- see more here!}

Returning to L.A., a little under the weather, but in time to ring in 2014 with my best friend

I realized this year, that despite the fact that according to the calendar that the entire world follows, the new year begins on January 1st... the only way 2014 will truly be new, is if I make it new.  Meaning, if I keep living life the way I have been, and not try to improve myself or the world around me in some way, then technically I'm sort of still living in 2013, or 2012, or sometimes even 1990! -- the way I act sometimes.  So this year, in order to make it feel new, to make it different from the last, I truly do hope I can make a difference in myself.  By being more conscious of the earth, and of the food I eat (and no, I'm not talking "gluten-free"!  I mean eating "cruelty-free").  By expressing my love to my husband, friends, and family more openly and with no reserve.  By feeling love for people on the street, or in the car next to me... because 99% of the time, I forget that they're not just some unnamed "blob" pushing a shopping cart, or an a-hole in the car swerving around me.  They're a person, just like me, with sadness in their life, with anger, with pain, with good intentions, with love in their heart, with insecurities, who can look over at you and perhaps also see nothing but another "unnamed blob".  Or that moment, they actually see you too, and the complicated, beautiful universe that you are.  

New Year.... New Us.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


My new album, This Is Where We Are, is now available for preorder on iTunes here.  If you preorder now, you can instantly download the tracks "Diana", "Remember How I Broke Your Heart", along with a few more before the record release on Feb. 25th.  I hope you like the new tracks!

p. a.

P.S.  "Wedding March" was also supposed to be available for instant download today, but for some reason it's not!  We're looking into it, and as soon as it's available, anyone who pre-ordered the record, will be notified of the new downloadable track!  Technology!!