Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This Is Where We Are - IS FINALLY HERE

I am so very proud to present to you This Is Where We Are.

It's been 3 years since my last album (yikes! -- how the time flies!).  And this album is a bit of a significant departure since then.  But it really wasn't intentional.  I've decided to conduct a short interview with myself, answering some frequently asked questions, and also a few of my own.  

Oh!  And also... if you like what you hear, or if you think someone you know might like this...please share this BUY link with them!  The power of "word of mouth" is extraordinary and every little bit helps!  

Are you turning away from your acoustic side to try something else?

This new sound was definitely not intentional.  I literally bought a keyboard and a new laptop with Logic Pro on it, plugged it all in, and opened a whole new door of sounds I'd always wanted to create with, but never before had the resources to even try.  My songwriting still comes from a very acoustic place.  And there are still acoustic songs on the album that are just as important to me.

Do you plan on making more albums like this in the future?

As with this one, and every other album I've made in the past, I have no idea!  The goal for me is to have fun, stay inspired lyrically and sonically, and just see what happens.

Who were some of your musical influences while making this album?

Twin Sister / Beach House / Gardens & Villa / Sufjan Stevens / Lykke Li / Little Dragon

What were some of your non-musical inspirations while making this album? 

The desert, where I wrote a lot of these songs;  the movies I Am Love, and Scent Of A Green Papaya;  Haruki Murakami's book 1Q84;   and of course my husband.  :)

What is this album about?

A lot of these songs are inspired by love.  Good love, heartbroken love, friendship love.  And the album title is basically saying that these songs reveal where I am now in my life.

Any upcoming tour plans? 

Yes!  The first one on the horizon is a short U.S. tour at the beginning of May.  We're confirming dates and venues now... so please check on my website for updates!

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Behind The Scenes Making Of The Album Parrot-y

Just in case you haven't seen this very rare, behind-the-scenes documentary footage yet...

Camerawork by Daniel Milder & Ravi Subramanian
Edited by Daniel Milder
Music by Priscilla Ahn

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Billboard Album Preview + 'Home' Music Video

I've been a bit m.i.a. these days... busy getting ready for my big worldwide album release!  So many things I've wanted to post about, so little time.

Billboard has been super cool in giving my album an exclusive premier today!  So now you can listen to the whole album here!

Also... I meant to publish this post on the music video for 'Home'.

This video was actually made without my knowledge by Daniel Carberry (his brother is Jeremy Carberry, the genius engineer on TIWWA) and his lady friend Amanda Arebello.  It started as a reel for Amanda, but soon turned into a music video as Daniel tried syncing the video up to a song.  (Lucky for me, it happened to be one of mine!)  He showed this to me, and my jaw literally dropped.  I didn't even know what to think at first, I was so stunned.  In the end, I feel like this video is a deep and beautiful take on the song, as well as an eye-opening perspective into the real world.

What do you think?

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You & Me

polaroid by Chloe Aftel

My new album release is only 2 weeks away and counting!!!  And yes, to clear up some confusion, it's already been released in a few countries in Asia.  But I'm so excited for it to be released here in the U.S., and with the beautiful artwork and photography done by very dear friends.

If you've already pre-ordered from iTunes, "You & Me" has just been unlocked!  I hope you like it!  Most of the tracks that have been unlocked are the most up-tempo songs on the album.  The rest of them are very dreamy, ambient, acoustic, etc...

If you haven't pre-ordered yet, you can do so HERE.  Please tell your friends!!!

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