Monday, December 28, 2009


I was about to finally upload some photos from my camera onto my computer so I could make a decent blog post. But I forgot my camera cord! It's still in Tokyo.... so you'll have to wait. I'll just paint a picture for you....

Mike is in bed reading about sushi knives and kinds of crab that Kyoto is famous for. I just took a detox bath, and was admiring the needles that the acupuncturist left in my back today. It was our first time getting acupuncture, but we went to a dear friend's trusted sensei. He was so amazing!!! He touched my wrists and hands, and could tell that I'd been coughing a lot (the air is so dry here right now!) and he also felt that I was very delicate and cared a lot about other people, to the point where I care too much*, which could lead to stress and tension. We walked through a place where they had shrines for all the different Chinese zodiacs, and then walked through a long food market (that we'll be revisiting again tomorrow). After a delicious dinner--comprised of BLOW FISH (!!!)--we walked through Gion and below all the Geisha houses.

It's been a pretty bad ass day for us: acupuncture AND blowfish!

Pictures soon to come... I have dreams in stilted Japanese now. I also speak in stilted English. Oyasuminasai! (goodnight!)

- p. ahn

* I think that's a nice Japanese way of saying I'm a control freak and I need to loosen up! ;)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Off To Japan

I just wanted to say a quick goodbye before I shut down my laptop and get a few hours of sleep before we jump on a plane to Japan. I'll be taking lots of pictures, and posting them here as I go....


Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Xmas Mix

I know there's not a lot of variety here...but this mix is intended for people I know who might not have a Sufjan Stevens record, or Vince Guaraldi Trio records--but love Charlie Brown...ya know? It's good tree decorating, gift wrapping, wine sipping, getting excited for the holidays music.

1. Holy, Holy, Holy -Sufjan Stevens
2. Holy Holy, etc. -Sufjan
3. O Tannenbaum -Vince Guaraldi Trio
4. My Little Drum -Vince "
5. Skating -"
6. Hark, The Herald Angels Sing -"
7. Christmas Is Coming -"
8. The Christmas Song -"
9. Christmas Time Is Here (Vocal) -"
10. Oh, Good Grief (Vocal) -"
11. Charlie Brown Theme -"
12. Angels We Have Heard On High -Sufjan Stevens
13. Sister Winter -"
14. Away In A Manger -"
15. Joy To The World -"
16. The Little Drummer Boy -"
17. Star Of Wonder -"
18. Once In Royal David's City -"
19. That Was The Worst Christmas Ever! -"