Thursday, March 25, 2010


funny story. i went to my korean lesson last night, and as i'm pulling into the parking garage, the attendant was like, "you're the first one here, why is that?" And i was like, I have no idea! Because I'm late! I said that I heard a lot of people dropped out of the class, so maybe that's why, and we had a laugh about that together. Then i parked and walked down the street to the Korean Cultural Center, where I saw the whole place was shut down. The entrance was gated off, no lights were on. I couldn't believe it! Did they not have class today and no one bothered to inform me? Did they go on some Korean Cultural field trip? That sounds like fun......
I went back to my car, and as I left I told the guy there was no class today. He smiled and said ok, and I said, "see ya next week!" Then i ate dinner, which is all i really wanted to do anyway, and then went home and started demoing some phat tracks. I got an email later that night from my friend I take the classes with, and she was like, "Oh, I thought you knew, the last class was last week."


p. ahn

Monday, March 22, 2010


I couldn't help but take more photos with my SX-70 yesterday. I bought these tulips at the Sunday market--I can't get over how simply beautiful they are. Pretty photogenic, eh?*

p. ahn

*I found myself using the word "eh" ever since my songwriting session with one of singer/songwriter's best, Ron Sexsmith, in Toronto.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

home sweet home

"the canyon"


"buddha before coffee"

Well, we're back in L.A., and it's like summer already! Before I left the house this morning I found some film for my SX-70 camera that I haven't used yet. I clicked it into place, and voila! My camera worked great! For the past year I thought it was dead. What I was too lazy to realize was that I was using the wrong film the whole time. So here are some shots from today (i'm still learning how to focus, and center things). I just love it though! :)

p. ahn

Saturday, March 13, 2010

On A Much Happier Note...

I got to meet 2 of my heroes in the same month: Luke Temple and Andrew Bird. I even got to sing with the latter*. You can watch it HERE. (I watched it on my birthday)

I found out that Luke's new band, Here We Go Magic, are now touring! You should definitely check them out. This song is one of my favorites of Luke Temple's solo work:

p. ahn

p.s. Thank you for all the beautiful birthday wishes--I read them all and they really meant a lot to me!

*I am acting way cooler about all of this than I really am.

My Sparklehorse

Yesterday I heard that Mark Linkous killed himself this past weekend. His "Goodmorning Spider" album is one that I listened to over and over when I was a teenager. His songs gave me hope, when I really believed I had none. His songs healed me to go on. It breaks my heart that he couldn't.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birthday Bonanzas

I believe in not just a birthday, but a birthday week. And sometimes, when appropriate, birthday month (that one can be tricky to get people to play along with).

beautiful yellow flowers (forsythias) for my birthday!

This year I am 26, and on the eve of my birthday, Mike and I went to Babbo. It was out of this world! And the dessert they brought out was the most delicious birthday cake I could ever ask for! The detail at that place is ridiculous. I'm always impressed with cursive lettering in chocolate, or any other kind of flavor/consistency.

a Paul Smith window of robots I spotted on the way home from Babbo

The actual day of my birthday, I got my nails done. I NEVER get manicures, because my nails need to be in weird shapes in order to pick on the guitar, and bright colors on my hands is not really my thing. But since it was my birthday, I wanted to do something different and fun. Hence, hot pink fingernails!!!

I met up with Mike after his play (which is only around for a few more days at The Cherry Lane Theater. It's called "Extinction"--definitely worth checking out if you're into that kind of stuff), and we headed to one of my favorite NYC eats, Cafe Habana. I'm holding a pitcher of Sangria with my hot pink fingernails. :)

After that we headed to the Flatiron Lounge, where they make fancy fun drinks. In the forefront is my jalapeno infused tequila with muddled strawberries and some other fun stuff I can't remember. In the background is a gin drink that tasted like chamomile tea, and the froth on top is egg whites--FANCY YUM!!!!

All in all, it was a wonderful past couple of days. And it couldn't have happened without my friends, Mike, and nyc.

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