Saturday, September 25, 2010

one week down on LP 2

Hi everyone!

Well, one week done, 4 more to go! It's going great so far! We started at Ethan's studio just outside of Bath, out in the beautiful country side, where in the field next door there are horses, sheep, chickens, geese and ducks. We've already tracked 5 songs! They're not completely finished... but we head to London tomorrow to do some live tracking with a band.

Here's the little log cabin (as I like to call it) where I've been tracking guitar and vocals this past week.

I love it. It feels like I'm demoing at home... but I'm not.

This is my little spot where I sing and play.

My very own woodstove to keep me cozy while I'm tracking.

The potted vegetable garden outside the tracking room.

Lots of BIG hydrangea bushes all around to brighten the grey days.

Now I have to go to bed. Another big day tomorrow, and I haven't been getting enough sleep!

Lots of love,
p. ahn