Tuesday, November 1, 2016


My new children's album, "LA LA LA", is now available on iTunes and Amazon -- as well as on my new and improved online store!

If you buy the physical CD (available from my store), there is a lyric coloring book inside!  All artwork is done by my super amazingly talented friend Polkaros!

On the first page of the coloring booklet, I've written a kind of "mission statement" of what I intended for this album that I'd like to share with you:

I've always wanted to make an album for children because kids are some of my favorite human beings on earth.  After hearing how so many kids of friends as well as strangers were drawn to my debut EP and album, especially to my song "Dream", I hoped that one day I could make an album that didn't pander to kids, but rather could invite them in on a more soulful level.  I truly believe that "kids' music" doesn't have to "talk down" to them in order to be understood.  Over the years, I'd been accumulating songs for this project, and in the end I decided to select the songs that had the best energy, the most positive messages, and touched on introspective emotions that I know, from first hand experience, many children feel in some way or another.  This album is not trying to be fancy or clever.  It's simply intended to be an album for kids to hop and bop along with, fall asleep to, and if I'm really lucky, inspire them to ponder and dream.  

And here are super sweet reviews by the amazing mom blogs, Momma's Bacon, and The Simple Moms!

I hope you all get a chance to hear the album!  It's for kids and adults alike.  


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

LA LA LA + 2 Shows !

Hello friends!
It's been too long.  A lot has happened.  I had a baby.  I'm a crazy, disheveled mom now, with a new album I'd love to share with you.   And this one is super special because.... it's a children's album!  But not your typical "wheels on the bus" children's album.  These are songs I wrote, in my normal, trying-to-be-adult-like, "Priscilla Ahn" style, but with the intention of singing these messages to children.  It's still very much meant for grown ups, but also (hopefully) appeals to kids and babies! I recorded these songs in my used-to-be studio, which is now my son's nursery. (my office has exploded into a new room that needs major organizing!).  I recorded these songs while I was pregnant.  Some songs induced more baby kicking than others.  When writing and recording the album, I pictured my tiny, soon-to-be son, I pictured children around the world, and I pictured you.

This has truly been a labor of love, and a dream come true to make.  I didn't have the heart (or wherewithal) to try and raise money to make this album.  I just hope that people will buy it for themselves, and if they like it, tell their friends to buy it.  Plus!  If you're feeling super retro and decide to purchase the actual disc, there's an adorable mini lyric coloring book inside!!! 
The release date is October 28th!  

You can pre-order HERE

- - - TOUR DATES - - -

San Francisco | 10/19 | Swedish American Music Hall 
You can buy tickets HERE 
Los Angeles | 10/21 | Largo
You can buy tickets HERE 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Little Human / New Year / New Album


I've been a bit quiet lately, and it's mostly been because I was so focused on my pregnancy and soon-to-be-arriving baby.  All I wanted to talk about was baby stuff!!  But I wasn't sure when to reveal my pregnancy to the internet.  It's hard to keep anything safe and private anymore, so I guess I wanted to keep this little (big) secret to myself for as long as I could.  That being said, I feel so blessed to have had a healthy pregnancy and birth to a little boy just before Thanksgiving!!  

I've learned so much about myself through this special time... and also so much about babies and baby gear!  So many of my Mom-friends helped me so much with amazing advice and suggestions that there's a part of me that wants to return the favor and do the same.  So I'm contemplating starting another mini blog on all things Mom-hood and baby!  I have no idea who will follow it, so there's a good chance I'll be posting blogs to an empty room... but if you or anyone you know might be interested in this, do let me know!  


Happy 2016!!!  I love hearing other people's new year resolutions.  I find them super inspiring.  Have any you'd like to share?  Mine are pretty simple this year (as well as challenging):

Be Strong
Be Compassionate
Be Humble


 a glimpse inside my work notebook

At the beginning of 2015, I was working full force on a children's album.  It's something I've wanted to do for years!  But then I realized the deadlines I was putting on myself were too hard to achieve, and were making my passion project no longer fun!  So I took a little break.  THEN, I found out I was preggers, and of course was re-inspired to finish the album with a few new songs and new ideas.  I made more realistic deadlines, keeping my pregnancy and changing body in mind.  As a result, I was able to finish the album full of joy and love.  I recorded this album mostly in a room in my home (which has now become the Nursery).  As I sang certain songs, I could feel my son kicking inside of me.  There is nothing but good vibes and genuine emotion on this album.  It's for children, and yet, it's also really just for all of us.  We're in the final stretch of mastering and artwork (which I'm really excited about!).  Since my son has been born, I've played him a few of the lullabies.  I'm not sure if they're familiar to him because he heard them from inside my tummy, but like clockwork, as soon as they begin, his eyes close and he konks out!  BEST COMPLIMENT EVER!!!  I hope it might work on other little kiddos too.  Or even for adults.  We're hoping to have it out in the world and in your hands this Spring -- so *fingers crossed* you'll hear it soon!

I wish you ALL so much love and peace in 2016!