Monday, January 16, 2012

Priscilla Ahn for Totes & Zines!

I'm now selling Priscilla Ahn tote bags online! I've started using a number of different tote bags to haul groceries, my Korean lesson books, or songwriting materials for the road. The illustration may look "delicate", but these totes are really durable.

The design was made by Julia Kuo, the same artist who created the album art for "When You Grow Up". She is so amazing and an inspiring person to be around.

Julia's new 2012 calendar for sale here.

I'm also selling my Poster Zines online! You can see more images here.

p. ahn

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Saltwood Thistle

The beautifully talented Ferraby Lionheart is not only an out-of-this-world singer/songwriter, he is also an entrepreneur! He's just created a new company called Saltwood Thistle, specializing in jewelry boards made of salvaged materials. "The Standard Nine" pictured below will be perfect for all my necklaces that are lying across my dresser top.

Introducing Ferraby

Ferraby Lionheart - Pocketknife [Official Video] from Manny Marquez on Vimeo.


p. ahn

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Last Week of 2011

Our very dear friends Jess and Abby flew out to stay with us from the East Coast. These are some of my most favorite people, and Jess is also the genius behind the creation of my website! He is so creative and talented at what he does. His own personal website is one of my favorites! It's so much fun, you should check it out here.

Anywho... I'm so happy they came out to visit us, because it really forced us to set all our work aside, and instead, plan little adventures for every day they were here with us. Looking back, it was the perfect way to end 2011. With good friends, good food, and unforgettable memories.

Here's a quick peek at what we did:

Runyon Hike

Day 1: Runyan Canyon Hike followed by Rustic Canyon dinner

Redondo Pier Crabs

Day 2: Redondo Beach Pier Crab House, followed by MI:4, Laser Tag, and Korean Spa. The little bowl of soup in the photo spilled all over my lap about 5 minutes after this photo was taken because I was in a crab eating frenzy. Crabs not pictured.

Carhartt Patio

Day 3: Drive up to Los Olivos. Our favorite wine tasting was on the patio of Carhartt's Tasting Room. Dinner at Los Olivos Cafe.

Wine-ing in Los Olivos


Day 4: Drive back down the coast towards Santa Barbara.


Romantic sunset seen from San Ysidro Ranch.

San Ysidro Ranch

Magical dinner at the San Ysidro Stone House.

Baked Alaska

Mind-blowing dessert called "The Baked Alaska". They set the outside on fire with some kind of alcohol (Rum? Bourbon? I was in such a food coma I can't remember), and the inside was layers of coffee ice cream and chocolate cake. OMG

NYE nails

Day 5: Manicures! I never ever get manicures, but I felt like being sparkly for NYE. I find the names of nail polishes to be hilarious. This one is called "Teenage Dream". Abby's was "My Private Jet". Yes! My favorite place for a manicure: Marie Nails

Smoked Salmon Wrap

Day 6: After much celebrating with friends and good food and drink, I was craving my absolutely favorite Smoked Salmon Breakfast Wrap from Joey's Cafe. Perfect way to start off 2012!

The madness continues as our friends' stay comes to an end.... I am really looking forward to this year. I have so many new projects and ideas I can't wait to begin.

I hope this is a good year for all of us! A year where we can still set aside time to reflect and evolve as a people amongst all the hubbub of internet, cell phones, and work. A year where we can continue to work towards living peacefully together here on our beautiful little earth.

p. ahn