Friday, November 14, 2014

Bath Time Epiphanies

I just took a long bath, and came up with so many new, fun projects to share with you in the New Year!  I hope they all happen!  I'm writing them down in my diary, and To Do List.  


오늘 밤, 나는 목욕을 가지고 가고 새로운 아이디어가!
나는 새해에 여러분과 공유 할 수 있기를 바랍니다.
내 일기를 쓰고 있어요.


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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Winter Asia Tour 2014

Hi everyone! 

This blogpost is very special, especially if you're a polyglot, because you'll be able to read it in 4 different languages!  

I'm so excited for my upcoming Winter Tour, taking place in 5 different countries in SE Asia!!  These are going to be very special shows, because I'll be traveling with a full band, playing new songs, old songs, songs from the newly released Studio Ghibli anime "When Marnie Was There", as well as a new compilation album entitled "Best".  I hope you all can come!!
You can purchase tickets here.
See you soon!!  


Hello, 大家好











여러분 안녕하세요!
프르셀라 안 입니다!
이번 12 월달에 다시 상상마당 에서 여러분을 위해 연주를 하게되서 너무 기뻐요!
제가 처음으로 연주를 했던곳이고 저에게 너무 멋진경험을 주웠던 곳 이라 결코 잊지않을거예요.
이번에는 첼리스트를 포함한 전체 밴드와 함께 다시 가게되었습니다. 특히 첼리스트는
저의 모든 앨범제작에 연주를 하셨고 이번에 새로운 스튜디오 지브리의 애니메이션
영화 " When Marnie Was There" 에도 연주를 하셨고 이 영화는 곧 한국에서도 상영하게 됩니다!  이번 공연에서 저는 한국노래도 일부 불러보려고 합니다. 
저에게 행운을 빌어주세요! (하하) 
그날은 두분의 오프너, (윤 덕우 from Broccoli You Too, 그리고 Big Phony) 와 함께 
아주 특별한 밤이 될 것입니다.  
여기서 티켓을 구입할수 있습니다. 
곧 뵐수있길 바라며,

Priscilla Ahn 
프리실라 안

Monday, November 3, 2014

michael keaton

I just wrote and recorded this song just a few minutes ago.  Woke up inspired after watching "Birdman" last night.  I've always been a Michael Keaton fan, and this might be one of my new favorite movies of all time.  Thanks for the inspiration.

p. a.

J-POP Cover!

While on the road a few weeks ago, I started wandering down the YouTube rabbit hole, when somehow I stumbled upon this mesmerizing dance rehearsal video of the J-POP band フェアリーズ (Faeries) dancing to their song "Bling Bling My Love".  I thought the girls were so cute, and their dance moves were so fun.  I surprised myself, since I'm not particularly a fan of K-POP or J-POP.  But I kept humming this song in my head... so I decided -- just for fun -- to cover it and post it.

I know some people are going to hate this, or rank on my pronunciation... I totally get it.  But I really had fun learning it and giving it a try!

Here is the original video I fell in love with:

And here is my cover :

There are so many good and creative cover songs out there (waaaay way better than mine).... what are some of your faves?

Here's one (of so many) I love: Seu Jorge sings Bowie  and one I did a few years ago:  Love

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