Monday, May 23, 2011

Magical Verbena

Last evening I went for a small walk because my tummy has been upset for the past few days. The air smelled so fresh and clean (for L.A. air), so I decided to take a little of it in before it got dark.

My neighbors have a big beautiful bush, with all these little teensy weensy flowers on it. I've always admired these little buds, so last night, I decided to pluck a stem off for myself. I took a big whiff, and it smelled so good! Then I smelled my fingertips, and realized that the stem had made my fingers smell exactly like my lemon verbena lotion that I have at home. I couldn't believe how aromatic this little stem was, and how delicious the smell! It immediately lifted my mood and made my tummy feel better!

I came home to look up what a verbena plant looks like, and lo and behold, it's a verbena plant! Reading more about it, I learned that it was believed to have magical healing qualities to it.

Then I read that it is the birthday flower for July 29th. Birthday flower?? I never knew there was such a thing! How cool! My birthday flower is the Anemone.

What's your birthday flower?

p. ahn


  1. Mine is Wolf's Bane.... for May 24th:) TODAY!!!! lol

  2. lovely, lemon verbena is my favorite! My flower is lily of the valley, this month of May! Many more blissful flowery evenings!

  3. mine so happens to be blue periwinkle. when i read that i had no idea what that was so when i looked it up was a little shocked b/c i took a picture of this exact same flower last yr without realising it's my bday flower. this also happens to be one of my favourite shots so i guess it's a little more special now :)

  4. My birthday flower is St John's wort(6/29)!
    I've never seen this flower.

  5. Chinese hibiscus, and it looks like it fits me to a 'T.' Ain't life grand? :)

  6. My birthday flower is amaryllis! or the belladonna lily or the "naked lady"

    lol slightly awkward

    it's a pretty bloom though no leafy foliage! gasp!

    I am glad your stomach is feeling better (this comment is long after the fact, but still haha) and the verbena looks really, really cute. :)

  7. Sayaka and I have the same birthday!