Monday, May 9, 2011

Unforgettable Week

Last week will be unforgettable.

My record, "When You Grow Up" was released on May 3rd, which was the same night I performed on Dancing With The Stars, accompanying the beautiful Patricia Zhou. Her performance made me want to cry at the end! (I'm so glad I didn't cry though on National TV. People probably would have thought I was crrrazy)

The very next day, I performed a private showcase with a full 9-piece band, at the amazing Village Studios. Hosted by Entertainment Weekly, and Seattle's Best Coffee (all of whom I forgot to thank during my show, but I am wholeheartedly thanking now!).

Following that night, was another early call to be on set for soundcheck for The Tonight Show. I was tired by the end of it all. FUN FACT: After my performance on the show, Jay Leno, Ralph Macchio, and Wanda Sykes come over to end the show. Wanda said to me, "How's it going?", and thinking she said, "Nice going" I replied saying, "Thank you!".

All very fun and amazing stuff. And, in lieu of Mother's Day this past weekend, I felt so happy to have my Mother there by my side for this very important week! Not only my Mom, but my husband and friends... All who helped give me peace when my nerves would start to set in.

Things I learned:

- Honey Lemon Throat Coat tea gives me dry mouth
- Water makes me burp and pee a lot right before I go on stage
- High heels and me singing need practice together (I'll have to explain this in another post)
- When in doubt, use cue cards! (I'll have to explain in another post)
- Next time I'm on tv, I will bring a candle (again, another post)

All these things will be explained in my next post, along with behind the scenes pictures!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all you moms out there doing your best!

p. ahn


  1. Love your album art! May I ask who illustrated it? Looking forward to your next post :)

  2. Yay Priscilla! I made sure to catch you on tv this week - you were wonderful!

  3. it's becoming a full time job watching for your appearances. Keep up the good work and come to Upstate NY will ya? Get on a ticket with Martin Sexton and it just may be concert PERFECTION!

  4. Hi Priscilla :)
    I love reading your posts ^^ Yesterday I watched on youtube your performance on Dancing with the stars! Patricia Zhou was fantastic...but were amazing!!
    BTW your new album is absolutely lovely and wonderful!

    Hugs from Italy :)


  5. I love reading your posts. You are a beautiful human being. Thank you for your exquisite music.


  6. Dear Priscilla,

    You deserve every piece of joy that comes your way! Congratulations on your second album! You are wonderful :)

  7. many unforgettable week is waiting for us :)

  8. <3 you and your work!

  9. of all those last "learned" things, I'm scratching my head most that throat-coat could give anyone dry mouth! It's specifically designed to not do that - kerrrazy!

  10. Priscilla ~
    행복하고 바쁜 한 주 보내셨군요~
    새앨범도 발매되고...
    프리실라 어머니와 함께 한 사진이 무엇보다
    두분의 사랑이 느껴져서 감동적이었습니다..
    5월10일..서울에서 앨범으로나마 만나러 갑니다
    항상 행복하시고 사랑과 승리의 나날이 되시길...

  11. Like ur new album, inspiring me on my longer journey....Love ~~

  12. It was a crazy week for you lol..
    Enjoy yourself the best days in your life ever!

  13. I saw you on the Tonight Show and was just so blown away by your voice. (I have some demos of yours on my ipod, and am so thrilled to get both your albums) Congrats!

  14. I love the album art you chose. It is simply superb. Does the artist have a website?

  15. Priscilla Ahn, may I say you have the purest voice, and I'm sure you hear it all the time, but I just wanted to say it myself (: No one in these times is naturally talented and you are so gifted! I am sooo happy for you for getting the natoinal recognition you deserve, FINALLY! You're fantastic :D

  16. "When You Grow Up" is superb! ^,^ Thank you for the treasure Unni!


  17. I saw you on dancing with the stars and fell in love with you, your voice, and uniquely beautiful expression of pen and song. Do you ever allow photographers to use your songs on their websites? I would love to know how to receive permission. Thank you for being you.

  18. I love love love your new album :) :) it's been in the cd player for a long time. I got the last one at the store and was SO relieved that it was there (the day it came out). It sends me to my dreamlike place.