Friday, May 20, 2011

Featuring Alanna Lin

Alanna Lin
Don't be fooled by her cuteness! She is a force!!
[photo by Wendy Wang]

This gal is a character, and I love that about her! I had the pleasure of meeting her thru Alex Lilly, and then I had the pleasure of singing with her for my shows. She encouraged me to chart out all the harmonies the girls had to sing, which was something I'd never done before, but was so much fun!

Her website is so creative, as it's filled with all the different things she does: music, writing, performance art...

She's a very cool girl with a heart-breakingly beautiful voice and I'm happy to know her. :)

p. ahn


  1. I saw you on Jay Leno and just loved your performance and have been watching your youtube vids and ordered your CD's Priscilla! I just love your sweet voice and your song writing! Thank you for bringing such beauty to our world! :0) xxx

  2. Gotta love Alanna, she's awesome! Not to mention the aunt of my two favorite buddies, Caleb and Caden. The Lin family makes beautiful children, amen!

  3. It's You who is taking the picture, Priscilla... haha.
    You look like a real photographer.. :)