Monday, May 16, 2011

Featuring Alex Lilly

This week I'll be featuring all the people who played with me for my CD release week. They're all so cool, I can't not share their crazy talents with you!

photo by Wendy Wang

What better person to feature first than the amazing Alex Lilly. I'm a huge fan of her band Obi Best. Tonight she is having her EP and new music video release show at Bardot. Here is one of my favorite songs off her album "Capades".

I just got a secret copy of her new EP, and it's so cool! If you like Inara George and St. Vincent, you will love Obi Best.

Songwriting aside, Alex is a bad-ass singer. You may have seen or heard her singing with such groups as The Bird And The Bee, and The Living Sisters.

If you haven't heard of her yet, check her out! I'll be at her show tonight, possibly straight from a yoga class. So I might be really gross... I'm contemplating if this is not cool of me. I think the answer is yes. Hmm... I have to rethink my game plan for tonight. I might have time for a bird bath!

p. ahn


  1. Yup! really great!..will def. check her out!

  2. is that Charlie Wadhams in ye olde sailor getup about :40 in?

  3. love this post :) I love bird and the bee too.