Monday, May 23, 2011

Featuring Willoughby

“Imagine a 1960s-era lounge, the sort that James Bond would casually visit for his shaken-not-stirred vodka martini, and you might start to get a feel for what Willoughby has created.” - NPR

"It essentially sounds like a heartbroken, Mellow Gold-era Beck armed with an acoustic 6-string and a bottle of Xanax, sharing his intimacies with Elliot Smith" - Spin - Catch The Buzz

“Gus Seyffert has worked out a sleek, retro-fitted style you could call spy rock. Recording under the alias Willoughby, he performs songs steeped in the sort of secrets shared over the pillow. This is candlelit music, low-key and laced with tremolo, delivered with a conversational intimacy.” - Blender

Need I say more?

Yea, why not?

Gus Seyffert, who is Willoughby, is such an amazing talent. I'm proud to say he's been an integral part of my last 2 records, as well as my EP from ages ago. We've co-written many songs together, one of which was on my last album, entitled, "Astronaut". If I knew how to stream my own songs on my blogs, I would.

Gus has also been on the road with Norah Jones for the past year or so, and is now jumping on tour with The Black Keys. You may have heard of these bands.

He's currently finishing up his newest album (which I've had the pleasure of hearing some tracks and it's killer!). He produced it himself, and played most of the parts himself too. This guy is a music-making machine.

"You should definitely get his album, 'I Know What You're Up To'. I feel cool listening to it." - Priscilla Ahn ;p

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