Thursday, March 31, 2011

Music Videos and NYC

Hey everyone!

I'm here in nyc for a couple days. It's been really fun, but really cold! Still... no rain or snow yet (fingers crossed!).

I've been painting and taking pictures with some new polaroid film I bought from this lovely space. Hopefully I'll have a few decent photos by the end of the week that I can share with you.

I had the most amazing dinner last night at what may be my new favorite restaurant in nyc--(besides Cafe Habana)--called Il Buco. The ambiance was so cozy and rustic and warm! And the food was... how could I describe it? It was perfect in a mind blowing way. Their menu is seasonal, and their specials are based on what's the freshest for that day, which I really love. Eating what's in season, for whatever area you're in, is so good for you!

Walking by Union Square, all these people were taking photos of this Andy Warhol statue. It must have just been put there, because I don't think I remember seeing it there 2 days earlier. Here's a photo:

Also, I've been making a few music videos lately. Two of them have been done on green screens. Although one was blue. It's fun, but also slightly awkward if you don't have props around you. But I did get to click the 'snappy thing' a few times, which was pretty exciting!

At this blue screen studio, they make a lot of crazy molds and props and sets for a variety of different movies. Everything from "Hellboy" to "Dragonheart" to "Robocop". Hmm... Lots of adjective-noun names. I have lots of pictures from there that I'll have to share in its own post.

Today we worked at a beautiful space, called, well, "The Space" right above Chelsea Market. This time I was in front of a green screen.

At the end of the shoot, they pulled these big black curtains back to reveal these beautiful old windows.

How cool would it be to own your own studio in an old warehouse building like this? I feel like I'd get 200% more creative work done!

So anyway, that's what I've been up to. These music videos are all in the midst of being churned out by some really amazing videographers who I'm lucky enough to call my friends. Each video is very different from the next, and I'm really excited to share them with you!

It's been really nice to see in almost every store I'm in, or taxi cab, or poster on the street, there is some mention of how to donate to Japan. Even Kobe Bryant is telling people to text "RED CROSS" to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross in Japan! Every little bit helps.

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  1. Priscilla, please have lunch with me while you're in NYC! =)

  2. So Cool!! I was in Chelsea Market today.. Dah wish I saw you!

  3. Ah! Union Square, Chelsea Market, so many places I used to hang around... I missed NYC. Thanks for the pics! And Priscilla, I can't wait to see the videos! Keep enjoying in my "town"...

  4. Really looking forward to seeing the videos, Priscilla. REALLY looking forward to the first week in May. :-)

    Have fun in the City! Stay warm!!

  5. Priscilla, I just wanted to leave a comment to let you know how HAPPY I am to have found your blog!
    I saw your comment on Hello Sandwich and your name was SO familiar to me. When I clicked over I realised that yours is the beautiful voice behind 'Find My Way Back Home' - a constant on my playlist.
    It was an exciting discovery to say the least :)

  6. a space like that=200% more creativity
    awesome :)

  7. your blog is adorable! is there somewhere where we can follow you on twitter?

  8. This, the Japan video, the apology song, and the Tom Waits cover are all awesome!

    Also, on the off chance you haven't seen this yet:

  9. Hi Priscilla!
    I love going to NY even though i just went there twice and soon a third. I can't wait for music videos! I think your albums will sell high if you include those music videos can't wait! That must be so cool to be there making videos. Is there a fan mail or something because you can make one on gmail or yahoo. Plz oh Plz make one because I might not be able to watch some of your performances her because someone told me you performed at Hotel Cafe and I am 10 so I can't go there for your awwwesome performance. I like to write and maybe I would be willing to make you a book about you! Do you have any at CA not on school days in LA or in CA? Because your new album is coming out and you might do aloooot of concerts and things.
    Good Luck,
    Your Biggest Fan Emma

  10. Now that you've experienced green screen work first-hand, I am prepared to share with you a fantastic music video:

    Watching the Making Of video afterwards is highly recommended.

    That One Other Asian Guy in Vancouver, BC

  11. Hey Priscilla, I check your blog once in a while to see what you are up to and it looks like you were in town. Hope you enjoyed your time here and got a lot done.

  12. Hello Priscilla!!

    I hope you are having a wonderful time here in the City... I like knowing that you are here and that I could just run into you on the sidewalk somewhere! If you don't have anything to do- let me know- I've felt often reading your blog that I'd like to be friends. :) One of those funny things about blogs, you know?

    Bridget :)