Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hi everyone,

One of my favorite bands, Lullatone, has put out a brand new album called "Elevator Music". You can listen to the whole album here.

Right now they are making all of their albums available for whatever donation you would like to give, and they are giving 100% of that to the Red Cross to help out in Japan. You can check all their albums out here.

Ok, and here is a video of theirs that I just found that is so beautiful and fills me up with so many feelings...

You should check out all of their videos! You can watch their newest one here. It made me giggle out loud! Enjoy!

p. ahn


  1. Your blog always gives me peace.

    Love for u!!

    Eres una bellísima persona Pri!

  2. Lullatone is so lovely! Thank you for sharing this with us, Priscilla - my weekend will now be accompanied with Lullatone's pretty sounds!