Monday, March 7, 2011

Just Kids

I finished reading this book late last night, in my hotel room bed in San Francisco. I cried to myself. Not so much because of the ending, as it was about the beautiful bond shared between Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe. Vulnerable, endless depths of understanding... The kind of camaraderie, support, and love I want to give to my best friend, forever.

I was saddened to discover that Robert died on March 9th, 1989. My 5th birthday. It made me ponder the circle of life. What was I doing on that day? I think it might have been the day when I was running outside, and had fallen and scraped both my knees. It was my first experience with rubbing alcohol. My Dad gently applied it to my little wounds. I cried from the pain, and probably thought it was the worst day ever. Once I was cleaned up, my Dad started blasting "Birthday" by the Beatles, on the record player. I didn't understand it at first... but my "worst day ever" soon turned right side up again when I realized it was my birthday.

In honor of Robert Mapplethorpe, I will devote my 27th year to creating something every day. For Robert and Patti... true artists.

p. ahn


  1. I just discovered your blog, your music, your wonderful voice... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  2. I think that's very sweet of you, Priscilla. You're a true artist as well. Thanks for sharing your wonderful music. :]

  3. Lovely evocative details to such an everyday moment yet meaningful slice of childhood!
    Speaks to how it's those small moments that comprise the bigger understanding of our lives.

    Keep spreading your magic, Ahn! Love your music! Just played your album. Mmm.

    Deanna Elaine
    "Can Stories Heal?"

  4. Emma Your Biggest Fan EverMarch 8, 2011 at 4:46 PM

    Dear Priscilla,
    Do you reccomend any books? That is ok for ten year olds? Because I am ten. I just went to library with ton of boos 3-0 chapter books in all.
    Your Biggest Fan Ever Emma

  5. Everyday when someone plays "Dream" on their stereo, you're creating something. Happy birthday, P! xoxo

  6. Happy birthday Priscilla! I'm counting down the days to your new album in my school agenda, I'm very excited that there are only 55 more days! Your creative spirit is always inspiring. I hope to have a chance to see your show again someday, it was great to see you at the Targhee Fest in 2009.

  7. Happy Birthday beautiful. Hope you get everything you want.

    PS Please let me know when you will be in Chicago :)


  8. Dear Priscilla,
    I don't think I've ever really messaged someone famous. haha You probably have too many fans, anyways. That sounds silly. haha Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for your kind and your loving heart. And maybe you could check out my blog... only if you have time. Sorry this is so long. You probably get this a lot. Hope you are well!
    Verina Chen

  9. Happy belated birthday! ^__^

  10. my dear friend brandi just posted about you!