Friday, March 18, 2011

Please Help If You Can

Hi Everyone,

I hope this blog finds everyone well! I'm writing in regards to the events happening in Japan. It's been so hard for me to think about anything else these days.

I feel so helpless for all of my friends over there... I'm sure a lot of you have already donated or are supporting in your own way (positive thoughts of hope help!)... But I'm sort of losing my mind just sitting here knowing all this is going on, so I'm writing to pass on the Red Cross link where you can help by donating if you are able to:

You can also donate $10 by texting "Red Cross" to 90999.

If you have a "Living Social" account, they have an amazing "deal" going on right now, for the next 22 hours, where whatever you donate to the Red Cross through THIS link, they will double it!

I apologize in advance if I'm offending anyone by writing this. Having many friends in Japan, and having spent a good deal of time working, living, and celebrating my marriage over there, I feel very close to what's happening, and it's breaking my heart every day...

That being said, I'm sending lots of love to you all! Thanks for taking the time to read this!

p. ahn


  1. <3 Thanks again, sharing your added note to the video, and peace to you those you love, Priscilla <3

  2. I have a friend who lives in Japan too. I hope he's ok as he's not responding my e-mails. I can't do much either, not even donate as I am soon to be homeless but I support your action with my heart.
    Thank you for singing your meaningfull songs. Dream is my lullaby lately.
    Lot's of love and lot's of hopefull thoughts.

    Clavendys, a wallflower in the wind.

  3. Beautiful song as ever and like you I havent stopped thinking of the awful events in Japan.

    ....any chance you'll be performing in the UK again? I missed your trip over two years ago, Dan

  4. Amazing, Priscilla, as always. Thank you!

  5. Beautiful song as ever and like you I havent stopped thinking of the awful events in Japan.

    ....any chance you'll be performing in the UK again? I missed your trip over two years ago, Dan

  6. Hi Priscilla -

    Thanks for posting this video and for raising awareness of how your fans/followers can help the people of Japan. I am compelled to add that frequent fliers of United Airlines can either donate $ or miles to the Red Cross, the former of which can result in being granted a mileage bonus of up to 500 bonus miles. The details / terms / conditions are here:,,53715,00.html

    On that page, there are links to the following:
    1) donate $ to the Red Cross (resulting in bonus FF miles);
    2) donate miles to Red Cross workers; and
    3) donate miles to Operation USA

    Not that anyone should feel like they need something in return for their generosity, but if it helps travelers visit their family and friends, I think it's a good thing. I actually got the e-mail announcement days after I donated to the Red Cross last Friday, so I saw it as a good karma thing...

    Anyway, I hope you've fully recovered from your stomach bug that laid you out in SF.

    Take care and God Bless,
    Greg P.

  7. Arigatou for such a beautiful song.

  8. Thank you, Priscilla. I'm Japanese. Though my area had no damage, I feel all people are really really hurt at this terrible situation, whether victims or not. Too sad, too painful. But life goes on. So I just live every day to the fullest, doing everything what i can do. Your song really helps me. Thank you Priscilla. And thank you everyone who is praying for Japan. From the bottom of my heart! I believe that we can smile again together. Y

  9. This was really powerful. Your music is always a piece of beauty but with this I could see a picture of something so deep, now using beauty to help others. Thank you.
    The whole song is wonderful but I especially liked the line,
    "Somebody hears when you cry at night,
    Somebody cares, it's gonna be alright"
    It's true, no matter how hard it is to believe.
    Love it.

  10. pretty song =) i re-posted this video.

    Could I ask for the lyrics? the words seem so fitting, i thought I'd include them in the post.


  11. Love your song. The situation in Japan is heartbreaking. We all need to do whatever we can to help.

    An Arkies Musings

  12. Thank you Priscilla for your words and for your music. Your song for Japan has touched my heart. You play beautiful music and inspire me each day.
    I feel the same about Japan. I feel as though Japan is my second home. I would have been in Japan today, but due to the situation, we cancelled our trip. It's a place that's definitely always in my heart. I'll keep donating and praying for Japan.

  13. Such a beautiful song for an even more beautiful cause. Thank you.

    P.S. This song should be on iTunes.

  14. Hi , i got a chance to listen to your music thru an app on my iPad called awwemusic , Wow it's so refreshing hEaring music that comes from the soul and regarding japan my heart goes out to everyone there,I pray everyday for japan like other people have stated i also have friends there and it's amazing how everything in our lives can just change in an instant congratulations on your great work looking forward to following your career and buying your music ,thank you for sharing your talent our world needs many voices like yours, it's refreshing music from the heart ,

  15. Emma Your Biggest FanMarch 20, 2011 at 5:18 PM

    Dear Priscilla,
    Wonderful idea to donate and finish making that wonderful song. The Japanese Tsunami and earthquake is a great thing to make a video for. I wonder how fast Japan's government will clean up what the Tsunami and earthquake left behind.Probably very fast since they are very smart. I am hoping that all those missing friends you have there aren't injured. I hope that all those missing people are found with injuries nothing more serious. I donated and hope the money will help the cause well. Scared and terrified people there and especially for the families! Since if I were there I would be nervous and very terrified since I'm only ten years old.

    Your Biggest Fan Ever,

  16. Thank you for the beautiful song! I live in Japan and had a good friend living in one of the areas that was heavily hit... so it was hard for me to think about much else either, but he passed through my (undamaged) area today in his travels, cheerful as ever. A lot of the images I've seen of the devastation are really awful but I also think that Japan will rebuild and get through this, and I plan to donate to the Red Cross ASAP :)

  17. Thank you Priscilla! finger crossed for Japan.

  18. what a beautiful tribute to such a heartbreaking disaster... xox

  19. so beautiful miss! I think you're just the cutest with the most beautiful voice ever.
    thank you for reading sandwich too!
    Love Sandwich

  20. What a beautiful song and a fitting tribute. Have you thought about offering this song as a download with a donation to help Japan? I'd download it in a heartbeat!