Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hello From Portland

I'm 3 days into the DeVotchka tour, and finally had an afternoon free to catch up on a TON of old emails, and (sigh) blogs... (i miss reading them!)

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that one of my favorite bloggers, Hello Sandwich, left me a comment on my January Vlog! I love her blog, and all the zines she makes, and photos she takes, and envy (in a good way) that she has been able to move to Tokyo. (A lot of my favorite bloggers [hello sando, scout holiday, garance dore] actually, have all moved to cities [tokyo, paris, nyc] that I wish I lived in! I guess I'm just lucky enough to get to pass through them every once in a while.) Which reminds me! I've been bad and didn't make a vlog for February! :P I hope I can make up for it with all the music videos I've been making.

It's a gray day in P town. I'm listening to a new record I got, called Brotherocean, by the band, Syd Matters. I'm really loving this record! And in between emails, I've been looking up at the tv where it looks like there's some kind of Ultimate Fighting going on. It's so intense to watch, yet there's something so primal about it that it's hard to look away.

Then I'll be heading to Sizzle Pie for a slice before the show with some old friends from PA. In between emails and ultimate fighting, I've been salivating over a picture of one of their pizzas in the Portland Monthly magazine that came with my room.


Hopefully I'll have some more pictures and tour stories soon!

p. ahn


  1. Yummy!!!♥♥♥

  2. nawww you're sweet! thank you for your nice words about Hello Sandwich!

  3. Friday night...what to eat??? siz.p or..Italian pizza nice pic!!!

  4. you've got to come to Singapore some time soon!

  5. Ah - Portland, how I love that city! I was just there in December and hope to be back soon! I have a handful of friends who now call Portland home.

  6. yey french music (:
    I'm glad you mention this band.

    When your next album is coming? I can't wait

  7. Why did you call your tour like that? Does DeVotcka mean "girl" in Russian?

  8. Emma Your Biggest FanMarch 7, 2011 at 3:42 PM

    Dear Priscilla ahn,
    I love going to Portland. Oh and do you have a fan email or can you make one because I want to make a video to you so I can ask you questions. Cant wait for the new album oh and is your website? Well please make a fan email! I really want to make a video to you.
    Your biggest fan Emma

  9. Well, every town is all the same
    When you've left your heart in the Portland rain...