Saturday, February 12, 2011

successful shopping is like writing a good song

When I write songs, I personally try to avoid forcing anything onto the page. If I get stuck and start over-thinking things too much, what comes out usually isn't 100% genuine, and in the end, the song is forgotten and never played again. Most of the songs I keep and play over and over, are ones that come fairly easily, and just sort of flow out (definitely not an every day occurrence!).

I found myself explaining how my songwriting process compares to clothes shopping today, to Mike and our friend Danny*.

Some days, you walk into a store, and you want to buy something so badly, but everything you choose isn't the right size, the right color, or just isn't QUITE that... je ne sais quoi? So in my case, I'll force myself to buy something that I'll never wear, and end up giving away to Goodwill 2 years later (a terrible habit (but I suppose awesome for some Goodwill shoppers)).

But today was not that day for me! Today I ran into a store** that caught my eye, picked out 4 pieces*** in under 3 minutes, tried them all on, and they all fit perfectly somehow, and are things I could wear everyday. Nothing forced.

Like a good song, these will all be keepers. :)

Happy shopping/writing/creating/cooking/reading/finding/loving/crying/sighing/growing/happy happy day!

p. ahn

* It was very fun explaining this to two dudes who go shopping once a year.
** Driftwood, in Silver Lake. Everything is 30 - 50% off right now!
*** I got 2 long vintage skirts, a one-piece dress in a beautiful floral print, and a boy's vintage blue hoodie. Fun!


  1. Haha, nice comparison. Though in my case, I would be a terrible songwriter, since I usually can't even shop right. I don't like it, and am not good at it (like every dude, I suppose ;).)

    But I smell a fashion show coming up, Priscilla? :)

    Kind regards,

  2. goregous fabrics! :) priscilla i love your music. i actually discovered it through creative allies and i had never submitted anything ever until now because i was inspired by your music. i hope you like it and evn if it doesnt get chosen then i'd be happy to make some more artwork for you.



  3. Jealous!! :D I love a good vintage find! Happy shopping indeed!

  4. Amazing! and such pretty photos. Im gunna
    have to check that shop out, I haven't gone shopping in forever because of the same reason

    Happy day!

  5. whatchya using for a camera Priscilla? you indie you!

  6. I am so happy I've found your blog. I am absolutely in love with you and your music. I love songwriters who write about songwriting. I've been wanting to write a song for 4 years running. It's been really frustrating because I've never written a song that I would call complete. I always have instrumentals down and no lyrics or lyrics, but not satisfied with lyrics. I wish I could write songs like you one day. I couldn't agree more though. Forced songs never stick. Can't wait for more of your posts!

  7. Happy valentines Day Priscilla! I made a Priscilla Ahn medley for a vday video: I hope you like it! :-)

  8. Your Biggest Fan EmmaFebruary 15, 2011 at 3:19 PM

    Dear priscilla ahn,
    When I go shopping I don't force myself but if it is the perfect item and I am on the trip I would buy it. My saying is that this may be a once in a lifetime buy. I am going to be pre ordering your album, can't wait! Are there going to be many concerts in CA? Because that would be great. I just got two of your T-shirts. They are great I am getting many compliments. You have made a big success of following your dream.
    Your biggest fan,

  9. What a great analogy! And believe me... I know the feeling. I have a closet full of clothes I either don't wear or don't fit me right. Boo. Must break the habit.

  10. i'm first time here so in the beginning a want to say hello:)
    i know what you mean, i think most of us (girls;p) have the same problems, but what the happiness and positive thrill we feel when everything is perfect.
    ps. i've just heard 'when you grow up' and i cant wait for full album:)
    love, Kate

  11. You should check out Cute stuff....suits you, I think.

    I get you with the forceful shopping...yep.

  12. These purchases are lovely :), its funny how not many people I've come across in my life have appreciated dried flowers. There is a vase of flowers in the living room and when they wither and dry out, my housemates give them to me and i put them back into a pretty vase on my shelf. The top picture just reminded me of that. :)
    I just put your video of "The Moon" on my blog, because i can't stop listening to it! Can't wait to hear more things ^___^

  13. You would really like 'Smith & Butler' in cobble hill, brooklyn. You should check it out next time you're out there doing a show!

  14. Yeah, so true, I've never heard it explained that way before...! But I definitely recognize what you're saying. The songs I end up loving the most, are the ones that come crashing into my head on the subway, or at 2 am when I can't sleep. Love when that happens! <3 <3 <3