Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cherry Blossoms

Some of you may have heard of the new earthquake that hit the northeast area of Japan again, last night. I'm hoping so deep in my heart, that soon these earthquakes will stop, and the people living there will be able to rebuild their lives again.

On another, more hopeful note, my friends sent me these beautiful photos of the cherry blossoms that are in full bloom right now.

Cherry Blossoms from Kyoko

Shidare Zakura (Weeping Cherry Blossoms), Arashiyama, from Chifumi

I think the Shidare Zakura may be my new favorite tree! So elegant...

p. ahn


  1. thank you for your thought for japan ♥ 

  2. Dear Priscilla,
    me too, feeling so sad. Hoping the people there will rebuid normal life soon. But I guess it will take long time and people will forget about it. I saw you in London with Ray Lamontagne few years ago and I really like your music. I am a Japanese living in London and work for a Japanese food company. We are trying to help Japan. I just wanted to share what we are doing. (
    I hope you will come to London soon. ken

  3. When I heard this, I almost broke down yet again. Cherry blossoms are my favourite. I've been in Tokyo a few times to see the cherry blossoms. Extremely sad that I won't be able to see them this year. My heart and prayers go out to Japan, always.

  4. i love your all your posts, pictures, and music

  5. I love cherry blossoms so much!! Priscilla if you are still in NYC will you be playing a show?!?

  6. Dear Priscilla,
    I wish I had those trees in my new backyard. Wow i do hope that Japan wont have an earth quake in a long time. PLz make a fan email.
    Your biggest fan that is 10 emma