Saturday, April 23, 2011

Straight Hair (a girly post)

Ok, so yesterday... for fun, I got a straight perm. But I'd been really nervous about it. Yes, I'd had it done many times before. Yes, I love having straight hair.

However, this time... was different. I'd heard how damaging a lot of the Asian straight perms were (which are the ones I'd been using), and I heard that the Keratin ones which were supposedly really good for your hair, had formaldehyde in them! Gross!!

But I found myself running to the salon a lot lately, to get a blow out (here's where all the dudes check out--if they haven't already!). Also, since I cut my hair super short (which you can watch a video of here), my hair has never been so wavy. At first I loved these unruly waves. But as my hair kept growing, I knew less and less what to do with them! I'm a very low-maintenance person... so, having to 'deal' with my hair every day was becoming really annoying.

So... I made the decision yesterday to get a NEW Keratin treatment, that has NO formaldehyde in it! And I have to say, I'm extremely happy with the results! Anyone interested in a treatment like this, I highly recommend you go to Juan Juan Center in Beverly Hills, and ask for Glenn or Natasha, his assistant. Each person there does their own kind of straight perm... but Glenn's, in particular, is very safe. He really cares for hair.

Glenn + I

p. ahn


  1. do they have those for... non asian... hair?

  2. There is absolutely nothing you can do to make yourself look bad. You could even have a professional Halloween mask applied to your face to make you look bad. And your hair is beautiful whether it is short or long beautiful, Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen....

  3. You look beautiful. :)

  4. looks awesome!! how much did you pay for your do?

  5. That is very pretty! My boss just did a keratin treatment on her hair and it made her hair look so much healthier and shinier. :)

  6. Oh my gosh! You are gorgeous! I used to get straight perms all the time myself and it really damaged my hair. I am such a low maintenance person, too. Actually...I'm high maintenance but I'm too lazy to get ready everyday. I need to check this keratin perm straight out!

  7. well... I'm semi jealous.

    I remember when I was like 12 and sick of being an Asian girl with curly hair that I almost got my hair straightened, but it was so expensive I decided not to do it, and ever since I've embraced the curly girl's life. People ask me all the time if my curly hair is natural or permed 'cause they're not used to seeing Asians with curly hair.

    Now my interest has reemerged. I'm guessing it'd still be ridiculously expensive since I have a LOT of hair. maybe one day =)

  8. you look cute with the hair! (a girly reply :p )
    btw, i'm melody from malaysia n i love your songs! keep on writing.

  9. Just be glad you don't have to go to a black barbershop. The stuff they put in your hair....I wouldn't be surprised if you'd glow in the dark, haha. (Oh, and I'm a dude, and aaalmost made it to the bottom of your post, yay me ;))

  10. 안녕 :)
    I like this straight perm, you're very cute and beautiful!

    Hugs from Italy ^^

  11. Priscilla I always appreciate you for wot u did for music in your life....
    Hey you given diff look to your hair COol.
    from a fiend: KARAN(INDIA

  12. You look great! My hair is so straight naturally, I wish there was something elseni could do with it. Enjoy your new hairstyle!

  13. Hi! I have one question: with that perm how long can your hair be that straight?

    I love my hair, I really do. It has natural waves, is very shiny buuut it's always different! Every time a wake up I have a different problem to deal with my hair and I just don't have time (or patience) to solve those... hair, this perm could be a solution for me. What do you think?
    PS - I'm from Portugal so, if I decide to do that perm I'll have to trust somedy else to do it. Do you have any advice?

  14. Proscilla, you look pretty cool with new hair style :)