Thursday, April 1, 2010

i took my camera to the beach

This past weekend I went to the beach twice! I forget how lucky I am to be living so close to the ocean. And I also forget how close the ocean really is! I took full advantage of the warm, summer weather we had, and spent one relaxing day in Santa Monica/Malibu, and one in Venice. These are just a few photos from the Santa Monica beach.

I love my SX-70 so much! For a while, I thought it was broken. I would put a new film cartridge in, I would take a few photos, then put it away. The next time I opened it up to take more photos, it wouldn't work! I realized that it wasn't my camera that was broken, but my film cartridge that went dead. Each cartridge has a little battery in it, which is what spits the polaroids out. So now, I take lots of pics in the matter of an hour or so. Which is fine with me. It's hard to stop anyway! If you're looking for sx-70 film, I ordered mine from here.

I'm glad you liked my tulip photos! :)

p. ahn


  1. hi, p. ahn
    you like to make polaroid art?

  2. These pictures are so great. They seem so inviting and it makes me wish I lived close to a beach.

  3. Love these pics -- they look like there from another time...Priscilla's 1950's LA period.

  4. I would love to see the once from Venice Beach, if you took any. I love that beach!!!

  5. I'm mighty jealous that you have a polaroid camera, I can't seem to find one anywhere :(

    It takes great photos, with a little help from you of course.

  6. Dreamy photos! Don't forget,
    you can now buy new film
    for your SX-70 here:

  7. I am so jealous. First of all, living in belgium summer weather is at the moment still a utopian dream. second, as a surfer living more than a 200 miles from the nearest beach is hell. but you picture eases the pain a lot.


  8. I envy you! Beach, guitar, sun, good friends...
    You succeed to capture the wonderful atmosphere on the photos. Im longing for warmer days.
    Thank you for sharing a part of your romantic beach with us.

    Woke up with your Music today. =)
    Greetings from Germany.

  9. hey check out for film and other stuff for the SX-70.

    party on!

  10. Thanks for the all the links! And sorry, no Venice pics! I really wish I had brought my camera for that. There were tons of interesting people there.

  11. You're wonderful for sharing this! I love the photographs!

  12. You're not only a great singer,you're a great photografher,too(:

  13. Hey:) Nice polaroid pics!! Old school is the best, isn´t it!?! I´ve been looking for a good place to buy film, then i stumbled upon your link. Thanks:)
    Will you by any chance be playing in Oslo in the near future? I really hope so!!

    Nuss from Norway