Friday, April 30, 2010

Response/New Wardrobe please?

First of all, all of your comments either made me smile, go "ewwww", or crack up out loud. :)

So to answer some of your questions:

1. The tea looks like really dark urine (nobody asked about this, but just thought I'd say it)
2. It tastes bad. A little bitter.
3. The anime I watched was "Porco Rosso", a Miyazaki film about a flying pig--haha! I used to watch Cowboy Bebop. ;)
4. The furry thing in my herbs is some sort of plant?
5. I loved your idea of putting pieces of wood and things from nature in a glass jar. I hope it turned out nicely for you!
6. Here's what my herb brewing pot looks like. I thought it was pretty cute. Notice my new espresso machine behind it that is out of commission for a while. :(

Now on to other things....

The other day I stood in front of my closet and found absolutely nothing appealing in it to wear. I never used to be like this! I was never the girl in high school who wore a different outfit every day. Usually I recycled the same pair of jeans a couple times a week, and sometimes a shirt and hoped that no one would notice. And well, I guess I'd be lying if I said I didn't still sort of do that. It wasn't until a few years ago that I actually started buying dresses and skirts. And now I love shopping and having options. It's fun to put things together to make a completely new outfit. But now I want NEW things to make new outfits!

This is one of my favorite clothing stores ever:
I found it walking through Amsterdam. Unfortunately, they have no stores in the U.S., and you can't order from them online. :( Their materials are soooooo soft, and I dunno....just special--really! I want so many things from their High Summer collection--including some of the kid's stuff!


I want this cardigan (in a big girl size)

Great pants, and yes, I want a big bouquet of colorful balloons too

How beautiful is this? I love parasols and tulle.

But since these are all things I can't have unless I go to Europe this summer, I bought these handmade notebooks instead from YourSecretAdmiral. I found them via.

Yay! :)

love love,
p. ahn

{this post was happily thought up and typed to you to Johnny Cash tunes}


  1. The cardi is extremely cute. Do you knit? If not, you could learn to knit and make a grown-up-sized one :-)

  2. Oh. My. God. I'm a notebookaholic !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hello. Now you know how it is when you want to order sth ant it is impossible. I have this situation so many times, when I was looking for US stores. ;)
    In one store t-shirt costs 18$ and shipping for my country only 45$...
    But you can go to Amsterdam for shopping. Why not? Clothes are sooo beautiful. And very stylish! I love it.
    Cheers from country in Central Europ

  4. First, I love reading your Blog! Johnny Cash and Cowboy Bebop, YOU are so Cool! :) love the pics. Have a great weekend and can't wait for your next CD.
    party on!

  5. Dear Priscilla,

    i read, you'll come to Europe this summer. For some gigs? Will you play in GERMANY too?

    :) Thanks for your answer,


  6. Can't comment on the wardrobe stuff because.... I'm a guy, but can comment on your very last line. I love Cash. Have you heard/seen his version of NIN's Hurt?

  7. P, I never comment but anyway, My brother Brian whom you know, lived in Amsterdam for five years. He still goes back and forth several times a year and has a ton of friends there. Maybe he or one of them would be happy to pick up some clothes for you.... Just a thought. Jase

  8. The AWSOME fan who knows about your furry plant herbApril 30, 2010 at 4:53 PM

    How did you get yourself to wear jeans to short and skirts?
    I can't even get myself to wear shorts ( yeah I know. What a weirrdo) :)
    but any whoo
    love your voice!
    And if you do go to Europe....have fun! :)
    and coolio notebooks :D
    makes me want to get one myself. ( Sorry for being a copycow)

    ps. Your blog rocks socks! :)

  9. With the parasol, tulle, swim cap and light colored one piece you'll be like a steam punk lady gaga on stage :-P

  10. hey Priscilla,
    My name is Anna and I'm from Brazil (YEA, YOU HAVE MANY SOUTH-AMERICAN FANS) and I'm 17.
    I'm here just to say that you're my inspiration! I sing, play the piano and the guitar. Your voice is the sweetest ever and your music make me feel really happy! I covered your music in a music festival and everybody just loved that!
    I just wanted you to know how special your music is to me and ask you to COME TO BRAZIL especially to my town, you'll be VERY VERY welcome!
    You're just AMAZING!

  11. So I've been a fan of yours for a couple years now and I've just recently started following your blog. It's great to read your stuff. You're a really cool person.
    I also mostly wanted to state that Miyazaki films are incredible and Porco Rosso is one of my favs. I've got the whole Studio Ghibli anthology and I've been going through each of them with my friends.
    You have great taste in film. (Plus your music is just plain amazing)
    Thanks for being you.
    Your fan,

  12. I'm a guy so i'm not really any help to what you wear, but Urban outfitters is pretty awesome. in fact their V-necks make up 50% of my wardrobe (Look i'm wearing one in the picture! <<<) and their button downs the other 50%. at least during summertime. Also many of my lady friends buy from their and their style is awesome. I'm not sure what style you like, but you should check it out.

    P.S. I love Johnny Cash what song?
    P.S.S That top that the girl is wearing in the picture second from the bottom, Yes.

  13. Hiii priscilla! I live in amsterdam and i love noanoa as well...! Especialy during sale 75% off :D :D :D lemme know if you need anything, it would be a honor to send it to you haha. Hope you come back soon to amst, we love you here!!
    Xxx angie

    Can you be my Julia?

  15. Wow! The Noanoa photographs are gorgeous! lol. Originally, I thought you were just putting up pretty pictures..I'm still drawn more to the photos than the clothes at the moment...

  16. what a cute brewing pot!
    BTW, the words mean "refine" in case you want to know. :)

    a fan of yours from Taiwan

  17. that model's beauty mystifies me!
    love it.
    your blog is so quaint btw! i enjoy it uhlot x

  18. I love those pictures, and the bathing cap is kinda amazing

  19. I have that same herb brewing pot!! The herbs I'm on are thicker and darker than coffee and completely foul tasting.

    I was just wondering, what is the name of the book your acupuncturist gave? I have similar allergy/neck pain issues and thought it might give me a little more information about my issues.

    Love you music! Cheers!!