Friday, April 2, 2010

my inspiration this week

via. I want a room like this in my house.

Ok, this last set of photos came out really tiny, huh? I found this via. And I think it's fascinating! These are just a few photos taken by Thierry Bouët on people's infatuations with their extra ordinary beds. You can see the photos much better, and read their interesting stories here:

I found all these photos in this past and they all made me smile. :)

p. ahn


  1. I love that victorian sofa. Plus sofa prints and wallpaper that match? Love. :)

  2. so cute lady :)
    I want to hang clouds and paper cranes in my room, all over!

  3. I think I might make something like the clouds in the first picture now.

  4. wow! those different beds are amazing! all so different and unique! I could personally go with the hanging on and the big sofa. So cool, thanks for sharing this!

  5. Hello Priscilla,
    I'm your fan, I'm from Brazil and I really love your songs! So, I'm waiting for a new disco!
    Here there's no "a good day" to buy. So, I have to wait for buy, someday, your next disco. And it will be sucessfull, because your songs have a mood of brazil!!

    Happy Easter.

  6. P. - So first off, that is indeed one impressive collection of beds. Nice polaroids too.

    I hope I'm not clogging up your blog, but I wasn't sure how else to write you directly...

    A little over a week ago I came across your performance of "Masters in China" on The Voice Project site. I was blown away. Still recovering actually. I went on to listen to more. I think you have one of the most subtle and soulful voices - ways of singing - I've ever heard. You also have a gift for hearing the layers in songs and pulling them out beautifully.

    I'm also a songwriter, although definitely not the singer or instrumentalist that you are. This is not meant as a pitch (believe me, promotion is not my thing!) but I would be so happy if you have a chance to listen to anything that sparks your interest on my myspace page:
    which I just set up to post some music. Lots of sloppy recording with minimal equipment...but some good writing, I hope. My songs are mostly in English with some in Chinese too (spent 6+ of the last 14 years in China, so...), a jumble of different experiments. Of course, I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions if you have any.

    Anyway, I'll stop here - really not trying to make a pitch, and I like your blog - just hoping you might listen. And thank you so much for the pleasure, feeling and everything else packed inside your music. -J

  7. Also, on a purely incredible-bed-related note...I think this one is pretty inspiring too:

  8. if you cannot have a room like this..don't stop dreaming of it.. and don't forget.. you cane make a song about a room like this! ;)
    keep up the good job!

    one of your greek fans, katrin*

  9. Reminds me of that blog...

    Hahah. :)

  10. I love the bedrooms- especially the top one.

    Yoon Misung

  11. I'm just amazed by that room.It looks so peaceful,beautiful and unique.By the way I love you and your music Priscilla,you're a fascinating singer and you've got great songs.So thank you for that(: Loves from Istanbul...