Monday, April 5, 2010

no internet

well, i have internet right now. I'm at an internet cafe. :/ Never fun...although it does make me focus on getting my work done and getting the heck out!

So what does one do without internet at home???

Here's my own "honey-do" list for today:

- sew on missing buttons
- fix that broken dress strap
- tidy up the corners
- try to cover a Mew song

Voilà! We'll see how far I get. Knowing me I'll get fixated on that old cross-stitch I started 3 years ago, and that'll be that.

p. ahn


  1. Haha I know that procrastinating feeling with the internet.
    ^.^ btw thanks for all your updates!

  2. mine is; to continue to avoid my 2000 word essay that's staring at me unfinished. sewing on missing buttons might just be the ticket for me too! :)

  3. It's already a 8 month since we last met in Jisan Rock Festival,Korea. This is Kane a cousin of Patrick. How're you? :)
    Hope you did your "Honey-do" list!

    p.s : Everyday I listening your songs that's great!

  4. Hope your internet gets all fixed soon! Just wanted to let you know that I bought your itunes exclusive (finally!) yesterday, and you just keep enchanting me...can't wait for your next album. <3

  5. jeez it must have been like over 3 years ago when i decided to dip into the hotel cafe to catch miss michaelson, her guitar, and her pal alison play an inaugural west coast show. i don't exactly remember who was opening, i think it was a dude, but i do remember quite vividly hanging out near the soundboard, an awkward stumble through the rear entrance, guitar case in tow - and caught myself wondering, is that, she's white...does she have someone to carry her equipment for her? ha, well, YOU went on to captivate an LA audience that evening and stun us with your voice and loopy layered trickiness. this will probably be a much cooler story to tell in like, 7 years, but that one and only time i saw you perform was wonderful. so perhaps we'll see you again, on some bigger stage. and i'm glad i found your blog so i could easily catch up with what you've been up to recently. needs more pictures! good luck with the second album.

  6. Hello! Yes no internet can be a real bummer. I am the computer guy at work and everyone jumps on me when the internet goes down.

    I am somewhat embarrassed to say I discovered your music while watching "Bride Wars" hehe, but what a discovery! Your voice is as clear as a bell, and yet so full of emotion, expressing innocence and melancholy at the same time. I believe you could be a once-in-a-generation talent. I wish you all the best and will try to spread the word. Love your `ukulele song. It would be amazing if you collaborated with Jake Shimabukuro. Hope to see you play in Hawaii someday! =)


  7. Mew is the business. I suppose you're doing something off of No More Stories... In which case "Beach" would be awesome although I'd wonder if it would be possible to do "Silas the Magic Car" cause that song owns.