Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm back! First thing I did once I got internet again, I caught up with all my blog subscriptions. I'm seriously addicted! All the photos above are by Shabon. A new blog I found where he or she posts pictures daily, taken from many different analog cameras. It makes me want to buy another one for myself! I love the special quality of these old cameras. They're able to capture moments in time so intimately and subtly.

Thanks for the links on where to get polaroid film cheaper--that's so great! And for those who asked where I got my SX-70--ebay!

p. ahn


  1. I love these! The one in the middle especially. I would love to have a print of that to hang in my living room.

  2. Gorgeous! I must check out this photography blog. Yay for your internet reconnection. Welcome back.


  3. ohhhh that second photo is incredibly dreammyyyy

  4. whoa... "available light"-a-palooza. Your "to-do" list reminds me of a friend of mine - if you ever get a minute, you should really check out a girl named Autumn Sky. She's a singer/songwriter in Sacramento and you two could trade inspiration spaces.

  5. The color are amazing !
    Great photos ^^

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  7. Your Blog is amazing Priscilla. Amazing as you :) Hope I'll can see you again in France. I really like your music.( I took some of your pictures for my blog, no problem ? Excuse me to didn't asked you before take it . )

  8. These are reaaly beautiful photos.And I just wanted to be the first one who comments(: You're great,by the way:)

  9. can`t believe those are photos??
    It`s like watercolor paintings
    So beautiful (^-^)/

  10. Awesome pics!!! I LOVE your blog! its sooooooo random! just like life!

  11. They're beautiful photos! Wow it's incredible that places like that exist.
    I didn't know you were into photography. :D
    Two of the most awe-inspiring things ever! Photography and music. :)
    You have both of those artistic qualities.
    I hope to have them too but well see how that goes along...
    Excuse my nagging :D
    It's just... Soo Coolio to be you! :)
    But any whoo....
    Very Elegant photos :)

    ps. I use your music to wake up for school in the morning and I end up falling back to sleep :D (that's a good thing!)

  12. How lovely! By blog subscriptions you must be referring to Google Reader, right? I'm in love with that nifty piece of technology.

    Hello, Priscilla Ahn. My name is Rebekah, and I've been an avid fan of yours since 2008 :) What first caught my attention was your Korean last name because I'm Korean, too!

  13. love your POV through the lens :)