Thursday, March 25, 2010


funny story. i went to my korean lesson last night, and as i'm pulling into the parking garage, the attendant was like, "you're the first one here, why is that?" And i was like, I have no idea! Because I'm late! I said that I heard a lot of people dropped out of the class, so maybe that's why, and we had a laugh about that together. Then i parked and walked down the street to the Korean Cultural Center, where I saw the whole place was shut down. The entrance was gated off, no lights were on. I couldn't believe it! Did they not have class today and no one bothered to inform me? Did they go on some Korean Cultural field trip? That sounds like fun......
I went back to my car, and as I left I told the guy there was no class today. He smiled and said ok, and I said, "see ya next week!" Then i ate dinner, which is all i really wanted to do anyway, and then went home and started demoing some phat tracks. I got an email later that night from my friend I take the classes with, and she was like, "Oh, I thought you knew, the last class was last week."


p. ahn


  1. I can't wait to hear these phat tracks :D

  2. 가끔 그런 실수를 할때가 있어요 :)

  3. maybe they told you that it was the last class in korean...

  4. Sheizah?
    What does it mean?
    by the way, you have been learning korean.
    i expect you to be able to sing in korean someday.
    i think it'll be great.


  5. Saw you on 'Later with Jools Holland' and instantly fell in love with your music. Anything with a ukelele turns my head and your voice is incredible.

    Your bloggings are also an enjoyable read, keep being awesome and what not.

  6. lol sheizah~! how you did u like korean class?

  7. Hat's off to you for learning Korean. For me, it's more about the food -nothing says home like a hot pot of kalbi jj'im in the winter time.

  8. Oh gosh, I bet this thing happens more often than you think. Good thing you e-mailed your classmates or you'd be doing it again next week. Sheizah! indeed.

  9. Wow thats pretty bad I learned Korean from watching Korean dramas. It helped me a lot but after awhile I got tired of watching the same plot so I switched to Korean variety shows.
    You can watch them here
    Well then have a good week! =)

  10. Hi there. This comment is completely unrelated to your post, but it appears you read your comments, so I just wanted to say I recently discovered your music and have become a big fan. And after listening to Lullaby over and over, I also wanted to tell you that whenever it happens, your future children are going to be very lucky to have you singing to them at bedtime :)

  11. Hahaha! Ooh, I just feel with you! Its the same here! I'm always the last who know.
    And if I know, then im always 5 Minutes too late!

    I hope you get on well with your Korean class.

  12. any previews of those phat tracks? is there a new album in the works? if so, a tentative release date? a bonus korean song would the Phat with a capital P. love your music and look forward to more!


  13. Pretty funny, I must admit, hahahahaha. Also, I like your writing. Stream of consciousness could be your forte!

  14. i'm learning korean in the korean cultural centre too, but in england! how far have you got? <3