Saturday, March 20, 2010

home sweet home

"the canyon"


"buddha before coffee"

Well, we're back in L.A., and it's like summer already! Before I left the house this morning I found some film for my SX-70 camera that I haven't used yet. I clicked it into place, and voila! My camera worked great! For the past year I thought it was dead. What I was too lazy to realize was that I was using the wrong film the whole time. So here are some shots from today (i'm still learning how to focus, and center things). I just love it though! :)

p. ahn


  1. beautiful photos! I want to be a photographer when I "grow up." :)

  2. hi! new fan here.. literally listened to ur music for the most part of today. it's so lovely!

    and i love the shot, especially the middle one. i've just bought a polaroid sx-70 last month and i'm looking for film. where'd u find urs?

  3. Welcome Home, Priscilla. :-)

  4. Hi Misa,

    I ordered my film thru It's too bad the film is so pricey!

    xo p

  5. These pictures are beautiful! I love how polaroid pictures make everything seem so classic-ey and authentic. I was wondering where you purchased your sx70 from, considering how they dont manufacture polaroid cameras anymore.

  6. Hello here's another site where you can purchase sx-70 film. I believe it's a bit cheaper too. The site carries film for other Polaroid cameras as well.

    I love your music btw :)