Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Sparklehorse

Yesterday I heard that Mark Linkous killed himself this past weekend. His "Goodmorning Spider" album is one that I listened to over and over when I was a teenager. His songs gave me hope, when I really believed I had none. His songs healed me to go on. It breaks my heart that he couldn't.


  1. priscillaaa i like the song! and i just wanted you to know that your music had the same affect on me that mark linkous had on you... your songs helped me through some difficult times last year and i always hear that hope when i hear you play.
    thanks for sharing your music :)

    ps come play in philly asap!! haha

  2. Even Colin from Radiohead gave a shout out to Mark Linkous, he was truly a special guy.

    The similarities between him and Elliot Smith are uncanny, both with their thin spider web voices and tragic end.

    RIP Linkous