Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birthday Bonanzas

I believe in not just a birthday, but a birthday week. And sometimes, when appropriate, birthday month (that one can be tricky to get people to play along with).

beautiful yellow flowers (forsythias) for my birthday!

This year I am 26, and on the eve of my birthday, Mike and I went to Babbo. It was out of this world! And the dessert they brought out was the most delicious birthday cake I could ever ask for! The detail at that place is ridiculous. I'm always impressed with cursive lettering in chocolate, or any other kind of flavor/consistency.

a Paul Smith window of robots I spotted on the way home from Babbo

The actual day of my birthday, I got my nails done. I NEVER get manicures, because my nails need to be in weird shapes in order to pick on the guitar, and bright colors on my hands is not really my thing. But since it was my birthday, I wanted to do something different and fun. Hence, hot pink fingernails!!!

I met up with Mike after his play (which is only around for a few more days at The Cherry Lane Theater. It's called "Extinction"--definitely worth checking out if you're into that kind of stuff), and we headed to one of my favorite NYC eats, Cafe Habana. I'm holding a pitcher of Sangria with my hot pink fingernails. :)

After that we headed to the Flatiron Lounge, where they make fancy fun drinks. In the forefront is my jalapeno infused tequila with muddled strawberries and some other fun stuff I can't remember. In the background is a gin drink that tasted like chamomile tea, and the froth on top is egg whites--FANCY YUM!!!!

All in all, it was a wonderful past couple of days. And it couldn't have happened without my friends, Mike, and nyc.

a 1 year older p. ahn


  1. happy birthday priscilla! you deserve that yummy looking cake :)
    from your two biggest fans, alexandra and cristalyn <3

  2. Saeng il chukahamnida ! or something like that...

  3. Happy birthday Priscilla!

    Glad to see you had lots of fun for your birthday.

    It was my younger sister's birthday last week. I, too, tried something new this year.. and so I baked cupcakes for her. :)

    Nevertheless, happy birthday!

  4. you are one of the most wonderful human-beings I`ve ever seen. happy birthday, Priscilla. thank you for being.

  5. happy belated birthday... and not so belated birthday month. :)

  6. Sounds like an amazing birthweek! Happy Birthday!!

    ps. Is that a tattoo i spot on your left wrist?

  7. I was watching Bride Wars yesterday, and I actually started crying when Dream came on. I didn't know that it was in the movie. Didn't like the movie that much, but I still love your music. Happy birthday!

  8. Happy birthdaaay p.ahn! (late..:P)
    Greets and love from Spain (:


  9. Happy Birthday Priscilla!

    Keep doing what you're doing, and COME BACK TO ENGLAND!!!!!!

  10. a very happy birthday...

  11. Happy birthday! Are you and Mike engaged?

  12. Happy Belated Birthday, Priscilla!

    As we get older, we find belated birthdays can take weeks, if not months, to celebrate. Not all of your friends and/or family may get along, and our schedules fill up quickly and unexpectedly. Perhaps it's for the best?

    Last year was my personal best (worst?). My friend's birthday was March 4th, and I managed to fit into her schedule in July, ha ha ha...

    Anyway, take your time and enjoy each birthday celebration! I love your music, introducing many of my friends to your talent, and I hope to see you performing live in the SF Bay Area someday soon.

    Best wishes!

  13. happy belated birthday... ;)
    God Bless You :)

  14. Guau!...Todo se ve tan delicioso y bien presentado!

    Yo también creo que cuando uno está de cumpleaños es el mes completo el que debe ser considerado como especial y propio. Yo amo Enero, porque es mi mes!!...así es que sigue disfrutando ya que te quedan muchos días de tu mes aún.

    Wow!...It all looks so delicious and well presented!

    I also think that when is one's birthday it's the whole month that should be considered special and like one owns it. I love January, because it's my month!!...So keep on enjoying since you have many more days of your month yet to come.

    p.s. I did my best...i swear i did...jajaja.

    Gloria P Curivil.

  15. You're in NYC! Are you doing a concert in NYC during your birthday month??!! Can I buy you lunch on your birthday month? =)

  16. Happy Birthdayweekmonthandyear (~_~)


  18. all good wishes.. the cake look so... precious

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  20. Happy Birthday...uh...Week...uh...MONTH, Priscilla!

    Your photos and commentary were charming, as always.

    My celebratory wish for you is to remain healthy and joyfull.

    I'm looking forward with great anticipation to your new album. (Can you share any of your plans, however tentative, concerning this project?--Will it be all new material/include any covers or live cuts?, etc.)

    Thank you for your music...and especially, YOU.

  21. (Super sorry for what surely is a virtual double post, but given the way my computer is acting up, I thought I'd better try again. The second one's a bit more articulate. Feel free to discard ANY of these. The important thing is that you were able to receive a personal and timely greeting.)

  22. happy birthday priscilla!
    wow the cake is really lovely!*V*

    -Lilian from Hong Kong ;)
    p.s. i left you a happy birthday on fb too X)

  23. here's a small birthday gift for you, priscilla ahn:
    was in a little mom n' pop bakery in seoul and "dream" started flowing from their speakers :)

    woo hoo! and happy birthday~

  24. May you become 100 years to produce more and more masterpiece with your soul voice

  25. Happy Birthday !!!! :)
    And the "hot pink" of your nails is so perfect

  26. I'm still absolutely gutted that I missed ya at Rockwood, but happy birthday!

    I love how the writing on the plate is "Happy Birthday! Priscilla!" as if the "Priscilla" was an afterthought...

  27. Happy birthday sweety! I wish you a long life with lot of exciting and positive adventures, tons of songs as good as from your first album (It's more like wish for myself and fans, I can't wait for new tracks! Where are they, Priscilla?!) and anything you "Dream" about. :P

  28. Dear Priscilla,
    I Hope you had an amazing birthday. The 10th is my cousin's bday too, so that's really funny. I was wishing her a happy bday in school.
    I really like your cake.
    What's your fiance like? I'm curious. You should make a post about him. :)
    I'm learning Dream on guitar right now. I'm in Guitar I class at school, and your song is the first legitimate song I'm learning. :)
    One more question, cuz I dont get 2 comment a lot.. do you listen to Korean music?
    I hope you had an amazing birthday. Praying for your health and happiness, your friend and fan, PNONI

  29. I knew it!
    Happy birthday ahn~
    but ,im sorry to hear that you gain one more year . i hope you will come back here to seoul
    someday. and when are you gonna put boob song(lovely song) into your album? iv been waiting~

  30. happy birthday, priscilla!!

  31. Hi Priscilla! I was at you website and just saw that you have a blog!!! Love it *-*
    I'm from Brazil and met your music in 2008. I didn't found your cd here so I dowloaded. Girl, I hear your music EVERYDAY! And everyone that I showed some song that is yours really like.
    I'm sorry for my english, hope that you understand!
    Kisses, Mari.

  32. Dear Priscilla,

    Belated Happy Birthday. No, blogs are still in vogue, and i'm happy you write one. They are difficult to keep up though. I have made and forgotten about several blogs i created in the past.

    I am a huge fan of yours. 'Dream' is my favourite song. I recently met someone, dated for two weeks, and then the guy moved to a different city. I couldn;t stop listening to 'Dream' after he left. While he was here, I played the song for him. We had a discussion about it. I said its a sad song, he said its not. What do you think- is it a sad song or happy song?

    Your songs comfort me when I really need it. I think you are very talented and you'll go a very long way. You must come to India and perform sometime, I would love to see you.

    Anand from Bangalore (India)

  33. Happy Birthday Priscilla! Your cake looks lovely!

  34. Happy [belated] birthday Priscilla!

  35. Happy Birthday. Your day looked wonderful!

  36. Happy belated bithday!


  37. Happy belated Birthday! looks like you had a good one :) enjoy your week!

  38. Happy Belated Birthday Priscilla!!!
    Please come to VA, we love u!

  39. Priscilla Belated Happy Birthday!

    Your such an inspiration! I'm half Korean as well, and you've made such an impact on my life as an artist! Your so talented, keep going the distance!

    P.s-COME TO VA!!! WE LOVE U!

  40. Birthday month? Sure I'll go along with that (actually I'm sorta covering for a belated Happy Birthday Greeting). Just taking this opportunity to also say thank you for making my day a better day, every day with your songs.

    Hope that you'll have an enjoyable birthday month!