Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sick with the Strep

I haven't posted any blogs lately. Been sick in bed with the Strep! Ouch! Thought I should say Hello though.


Thank you for all your awesome comments! That really cheered me up today. :) In response to most of them:

1. I am currently writing for my second album, and soon will start recording it--yay! And Ahhh! at the same time.

2. Thanks for the all the encouragement learning Korean! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who gets my "wires crossed" with languages. And the coffee/nosebleed comment made me laugh out loud!

3. Yes, I need to do more video blogs! I always think about doing them, but then I'm like, "it'll be so boring for the viewer!" I'll try to think of something interesting to video blog about. I think Korea is definitely a good start! Although, I have a lot of video footage from Japan that I haven't even looked at yet. BAD!

4. Tom C., can I share this too? For all Andrew Bird lovers, this is so great. And St. Vincent is captivating. Thanks!*

Other than that, here are some funny pictures from the week prior to my strep throat:

I went to Medieval Times for the first time. I didn't realize it's sort of a horse show. My fiance is deathly allergic. In fact, there was a sign at the entrance that said, "If you have bad asthma, enter at your own risk." We took the risk. He hung outside by the bar for 3/4 of the show drinking gin & tonics. Needless to say, he got drunk and bought a $150 goblet because he thought he just had to have it. :)

These are my poker winnings!!! I suck at poker, but lady luck was on my side this night! Totally worth blogging about!

The EMI Grammy party had all these rad XBox games set up. This one felt like you were really in a car--see that intense stare I have going on? Yea, sometimes my eyes dry out because I forget to blink. I have strep throat, and this blog was like, a week's worth of blogs. Time to take more 'tussin.

p. ahn

*What if you had said, "no"??


  1. Can't wait for the new album! Feel better.

  2. Ahn-nyoung ("hello" in korean :D )!!!!

    Priscilla, I love your outfit in the last picture! Especially those cute stockings! Where did you get them???


  3. wow, you blog, and you're real! and you share and and... wow, you're real!

  4. Sad to hear you're sick...just discovered your blog via facebook! How's your bean?

  5. Feel better soon!

    I've been sick all week too-- definitely do not recommend it.

    I can't wait until your next album-- I absolutely love you & your music.

  6. Oh Medieval Times is bad ass! Hope you get better soon!

  7. Well overdue but congrats to you and your fiance! We met in Seattle at the Triple Door. You two are adorable! :)
    Have you found a photographer for your big day?
    You have one here if you're interested!
    Here's a shoot from a friend's show last month. Wedding blog is on it's way up :)

    Get healthy soon!!!

  8. Wow..2nd album,can't wait to hear that!! Hope your next album will be available in Indonesia :)

  9. You look really happy and relax, it's cool :D Here in france it's holidays, so me too I'll have fun soon, and I'm waiting for your new album :D

  10. You'll never be boring!!!!
    Please, take your medication. I'm nursing student, and a few years ago i saw a peritonsillar abscess... it was such a freddy kruger's movie.
    Take care! (yeeeep, take care)


  11. Thinking of you-hope your throat is better-if not have the doctor give you a painkiller that will allow you to sleep for the next 3 days.

  12. Are you gonna put any of those cover requests onto your second album?? I believe you asked awhile ago about that...

    I hope you feel better!! I've had strep before, no bueno, no fun!!!

  13. I'm happy, that I discovered your music today morning :) Your voice is so... releasing :)
    Those sign above enter must be funny :D, but fact that your boyfriend got drunk and bought goblet is much more funny :D
    have a good day

  14. ): I hope you feel better soon!
    i think i feel something coming over me too...

    and wow i love la blogotheque-- One of the first videos someone sent me from them was of you performing "Are we Different"!!

  15. HI

    I'm great fan of you. do you remember who got your sign on the guitar in JISAN ROCK FESTIVAL.(korea) . I sent my friend to you to enjoy your concert in philadelphia. and he told me he met you and talk about me. ha ha . that's good memory to me.

    please , come again korea.~~~

    and I'm sssooo waiting your new album.

    ah one more.

    take care of yourself,

    one does not appreciate the value of good health until one has lose it.

    (and understand me my english is so bad)

  16. HI

    Do you remember who got your sign on the acoustic guitar at JISAN ROCK FESTIVAL (KOREA). It was me ha ha ha.

    i sent my friends to you to enjoy your concert in philadelphia. he told me that he met you and told about me. ha ha so funny and good memory to me.

    i'm waiting your new album. so, please come again to play for korean fans when your new album is made.

    ah one more,

    One does not appreciate the value of good health until one has lose it.

    please take care of yourself~

  17. Hope you feel better! That's good news that you're back to writing. You should post a piece or two! Take care.

  18. I went to Medieval Times last year in 7th grade! :D I was on the Blue Team! My friend is sick, too. :( I hope that you feel better soon, Priscilla!

  19. Your video blogs would be the complete opposite of boring. Especially if you post anything about Korea and/or Japan.

    Priscilla Ahn + Japan + Korea = Automatic Intrest. <3

    Do it!

  20. 1. so now you're ok?
    take good care of yourself!
    or let mike do!!

    2. "I am currently writing for my second album"
    → goooooooooooooooooooooood news!!!
    can't wait!!!

    3. then, next time you perform in korea, you speak more korean to us korean fans! we'll love it!

    4. finally! more video blog!
    yay i hope there will be some video blog about this trip to korea.
    nothing's boring through your lens.
    just show us!

  21. fiance?? *inhales* NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! :'(
    lol i still love u tho your tooooo awesome!! <33

  22. Second album?!? AAAHHHH!! I can't wait. :]

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