Thursday, February 11, 2010

Off to Korea

I'm off to Korea tomorrow to visit the family. Wish me luck on my Korean speaking skills! I'm sure I won't blow minds over there, but I'm also sure I'll learn a lot while I'm there.

I'll post lots of pics along the way....

Thanks for everyone who showed up at last night's show where I was the "Special Guest". :) It really helped me a lot! I have a way better idea of which songs are keepers....

Ok, must go to sleep.

p. ahn


  1. Annyonghasseyo...
    Korea..i really..really want to go there!!! Hope you enjoy your trip and please tell about everythings in there.And you know what,i love korean's so addictive.Try to watch one,and believe me that you won't stop :D

  2. Priscilla,
    I just heard discovered your song "Dream" last night while watching the movie Love Happens. I instantly fell in the love with the song. I watched that scene twice and read the credits to figure out who you were. ;-)I'm so glad I did too! I love your music!! I am going to go buy your cd today and look forward to the next one.

    Just wanted to let you know you made somebody in the world happy with your music.

    Have fun in Korea!!

  3. Oh! I forgot I was going to say you are very real. I think that is a great quality to have. Its refreshing ;-)

  4. I hope you have a great time in Korea! A friend of mine introduced me to your music. I've only begun to listen to a few of your songs but I like them very much. Anywho... have lots of fun!

  5. Oh I'm thinking that you will write a song in Korean :)

  6. i think all of them were keepers. everytime i heard i song i was like, "that's my favorite one!"...i ended up saying that like five times. but keep the elf one FOR SURE!!!

  7. I hope you find some interesting insight for songs on your trip!