Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back in L.A.!

It was an eaaaaasy flight back. Had an empty seat between me and the other guy. That's always a perk! And he was nice and not creepy. Always another really good perk!! I'm back and I miss Korea already. Although, L.A. gave me another beautiful welcome home. L.A. always looks different to me when I come home from somewhere completely different. I ordered some Chinese food, and in the meantime, been slowly unpacking. Or unwrapping, I should say. I bought so many cute things (yes, that's right. There I go with all the cute things again!).

By the way, here's a photo of me with my Korean chic eyeglasses.

They look a little crooked, don't they? Oh well....being a nerd is always sort of "in", right?

Then here I am displaying a few of my new things: apron, hen oven mit/really hot ramen lid handle mit, and a cloth lunch bag--YES!

Really bad graffiti I did in Seoul. Not really bad because tagging is naughty, but really bad because it looks like an right-handed 8 yr. old trying something new with their left hand.

Korean snowmen are only made with a head, and a torso/legs. So cute!!!*

Snowing in Ansan.

Korea, pogoshipoyo.

p. ahn

* I can't help it that I'm just drawn to cute things. Anything miniature, hand-made, and of course all-around adorable--i love you!


  1. i spent 5 months in korea this past summer, it was one of the best summers of my life!

  2. Amazing! I luv u Priscilla ^^! keep going on ;)

  3. i think your being drawn to cute things is entirely forgivable. ;) welcome back!

  4. That Korean snowman is 2 legit.

  5. what a mess in your room! Is it (mess) a result of unpacking? Give us more photos from your time in Korea :) I'm interested in it!
    best wishes,

  6. that is possibly the cutest snowman i've ever seen.

    i love your music, and i'm a huge fan. glad you started your blog.

  7. Snow photo looks beautiful.. just like from Korean drama movie ... :)

  8. Hey Priscilla, somehow I don't see my comments showing up here (left one in this thread yesterday).

    Not that important obviously, but maybe something's wrong in the blogspot thing?

  9. i freakin' love those glasses!

  10. i missed you at the hotel cafe. bummer! i would love it if you could come out and see me at the Cafe Muse on Santa Monica this Saturday at 9:30pm. it's free too! i love the cute korean stuff!

  11. Annyunghasehyo! ^-^ Can u write hangul and speak korean?

  12. 안녕하세요! :)

    I've only seen abundant snow once in my life in the Smokey Mountains since the last time I went to Korea was in the summer at age three. But I sure did laugh when I saw the photo of the Korean snowman!

  13. you look so cute and adorable even though you are an adult