Saturday, February 13, 2010

Breakfast in Korea

I got in to snowy Korea last night. Around midnight, when I thought everyone was getting ready for bed, my Uncles brought out soju and crab, oranges, and a spicy seafood casserole--YUM! I LOVE late night eating.

Today we're preparing TONS of food for the big Chinese New Year celebration tomorrow. I learned how to make amazing fresh kimchee. (see below)*

For breakfast we had rice, fish, egg, water kimchee, seafood radish soup, my grandmother's homemade acorn jelly, and to top it off--a gigantic pot of MUSSELS!!! Wha-what??!

I <3>
p. ahn
*I did not actually make the amazing kimchee that's pictured. I watched and then ate it.
P.S. As a pescatarion living in California, I'm used to seeing magazines in the supermarket checkout line that cater to vegetarians and vegans. This is my first time crossing paths with:



  1. loooooooks soooo yum! i love that egg.. and the scrambeled steam egg.. i wanna go to korea again! yay for us halfies!

  2. Those pictures are making me hungry! I think you can benefit from this one blog done by a girl in L.A. who teaches how to cook Korean food, step by step with lot of pictures!

    She's helped me by simplifying the Korean cooking process without watering down the flavors. She wants to remain anonymous so I don't even know her name. She only refers to her husband as Mr. and her son as Munchkin. There's a much deeper layer to who she is once you get beyond the recipes. I'll just leave it at that.

    Have fun in Korea! I miss my extended family in Seoul.

  3. Haha for the more carnivorous human.

  4. Oh wow that looks great!

    I actually got to Korea a couple days ago and I'm on the same boat as you. Kind of getting in touch with my roots and meetings family members. Are you in Seoul?

    Hope your stay in Korea is enjoyable!

  5. You didn't make yourself kimchi even though you had learned how to make it? Or you had made it but you didn't want to show us ? hahaha ...

    I think you cook so well because you are half Korean :D

    Happy new year!

  6. oh my, you came to korea !!
    Welcome !!
    em so sad that I missed your show.
    Anyhow you should go to insadong and N Seoul tower at night.
    Enjoy your staying
    God bless you :)

  7. Yummy :) I hope you're having a great stay in Korea. I'm going next summer! And I read your previous posts about you freshening up on your Korean, I feel your pain. I'm struggling as well, but you can do it! 행운!

  8. So jealous, thanks for sharing!

  9. I really really want to try some Dukbokgi (spicy rice cake)...please try it for me,and tell me how does it taste like.. :D

  10. Yey for Priscilla and pescetarianism! It's so much better than the traditional American diet and it makes becoming a vegetarian so much smoother (worked for me a couple of months ago).

    Your photos are making me hungry. *Must resist night snacking and go to sleep.*

    Any fun with the hanbok dresses yet? I really want a male version hanbok.


  11. Oh wow seeing those pics makes me really miss Korea!