Friday, November 27, 2009

Tis The Season To Shop!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. I spent mine with Mike's family, eating delicious food and play Wii Golf all day with his little brothers--and then going to a friend's house for some Cuban rice and yucca around midnight, ahh. So much fun! Now Christmas is just around the corner (OMG!!!). We just got down all of our decorations*, and I'm preparing some space for a tree.

Mike went out to get coffees for us in the morning, and came back with a pumpkin latte for moi**, and the cutest card EVER as a reminder that he loves me***. Not only was it a reminder of his love, but it also reminded me of this amazing line of wooden cards and gifts for under $10 that are perfect stocking stuffers for friends!

I also marked a special date in my calendar for BUST magazine's Holiday Craftacular, where I hope to find many unique and hand-made gifts for all!:

Happy Shopping!
* You have no idea how difficult this feat actually is. Our attic can only be entered thru a tiny cubby hole about 16' up the wall of our living room. Our ladder is about 2' too short for it to be considered "safe" for us to hop up into this cubby. You literally have to jump from the ladder to the hole, and pull yourself inside the attic, which means inevitably getting dusty woodchips and insulation fibers all over your stomach. Coming down though, is by far the scariest part, and we haven't really gotten that part quite figured out yet.

** Around November and December I can't help myself--if a pumpkin latte is available, I'm having it!

*** I know this sounds nauseatingly sweet, but it's been something I needed. Right now he's in a play where he has to kiss a girl a lot. When I've seen him kissing on screen, I've never really had trouble with it****, but seeing it live......well, let's just say it was a rough couple of days for me until I could get my head around it! So, that's why my sweetie was so thoughtful today to get me a card as a reminder of our love. <3
**** Ok, this is an exaggeration...


  1. Thanksgiving makes me feel curiosity. Guess it's one of that magical and unrepeatable moments, just like Christmas. People should spend more hours in good moments... and maybe we would smile more :)

  2. Pretty card~~ I think I'm going to look into those wooden cards. Thanks for the idea :D Hope you had a Happy Turkey Day!

  3. I wish those incredibly lovely cards were available in Germany as well :(
    They are sooo adorable!

  4. I've been listening to Andrew Bird nonstop. Perfect for the Thanksgiving season. Soothes the stomach after its limits have been tested.

    Returning the favor, a little jazz.

    Madeleine Peyroux: Homeless Happiness.

    all her stuff is good. Happy Holidays.

  5. girlie, i mention you in my blog. check it ;)

  6. Aw, that's sweet! ^_^ I wish I could meet a guy like yours! It sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving! I love how the holidays are filled with the three "f"s: Food, Friends, and Family. Happy holidays, Priscilla!

  7. i love thanksgiving and christmas too :) it's so cool and magic !

  8. cute blog! crazy how technology has allowed us to "connect" with public figures~ no pumpkin lattes in my country... woe...

  9. sweet that he reminded u that he loves you :)