Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ok, I'm revealing one of my favorite blogs....

I'm doing this because I have to. This woman makes me smile every time I read her blogs, and see her amazing photos....this is something I can't keep selfishly for myself. :p

Garance, je t'aime!


*By the way, I was approving some comments to other blogs the other night, and I accidentally deleted some of them! And I had no idea how to get them back....So, if you saw your comment was not posted--my bad! I read it though, and probably loved it.... xo


  1. if you're keen on fashion blogs, and don't know these already check out facehunter and the sartorialist. {my home city was the last featured post on facehunter so i may be a little biased but it's worth a look}

  2. dont worry priscilla. Everyone who knows fashion knows her and her boyfriends blog "the satorialist". Since she works for like Vogue, and he was named one of the most influential bloggers by TIME mag a while back.
    I loveloveelovelove them too!!1

  3. Love your cd - your concert in TN was just amazing!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving



  4. hi priscilla,
    so... you can read french?! cool

  5. I stalk this and the sartorialist all the time as well!