Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Natalie Bookchin

I went to LACMA the other day, and was utterly stunned by this artist's piece. It was shown in a large, dark room with a ton of suspended surround sound speakers, and each "testament" was projected onto a blank wall. Beautiful and sad.

Watching it online doesn't do it justice, but just in case you'd like a taste, this one was my favorite.


  1. I have been listening to your music on have the most beautiful voice I've heard. Going out to find your cd.

  2. when are you coming to Houston, texas Priscilla?!? :(

    -Sophia Lee

  3. Hi ! I love your songs, I saw you in France, in Nice last summer. It was so cool :) I sing too, I've got a blog in blogspot. I really love your songs :D :D :D
    thank you very much for all this good music !
    With love,

  4. Incredible. I watched all three and "Laid Off" was pretty impressive, too. I was going to link to "My Meds" to facebook, but I realized that my mom is in that situation. It's sad. -Grace