Monday, November 2, 2009


I've become addicted to Google Reader. For those of you who don't know, it's a thing on google that organizes all the blogs you're subscribed to, and makes them all available on this neat little page, so you don't have go to like, 20 different blog sites to see if they (hopefully) added a new blog.

In the beginning, I was only subscribed to 2 blogs. I didn't even really get what blogs were until I one day was searching for photographers online, and I stumbled upon some really pretty fashion photos that were on this girl's blog. I became fascinated with all the things she posted because they were so beautiful! The other blog is my friend Wendy's. She's hilarious, and tells good stories filled with her awesome dry humor.

So, I started out with these 2, and then from them, I started checking out more blogs via links they would post. Now I'm subscribed to 10 blogs, and "following" 3 people. Every morning, I have a cup of coffee, and sit down at my computer, and before I even look at emails, I open up Google Reader, and look at all the new posts. It's like my own new edition of a magazine every day. I find them all really inspiring!* I'm subscribed to ones on art, Paris, flowers, Japan, street fashion, and some in between. One has inspired what I want my wedding to look like. Another gives me confidence in how I dress**. So now....I've been reading tons of blogs, and writing none.

Until now.

As I've typed this blog (made just for myspace and my website), I've just created my own Blog! So holy poop--here we go!

p. ahn

*as I'm writing this, I'm wondering if this is boring people to tears. Are blogs so 3 years ago or something? I have no idea! I apologize if I'm behind the times and this is old news and/or you don't care about how much I'm into blogs these days. There always seems to be some lag time between popular things and me embracing them....I didn't start watching Sex & The City until last year!

**is it weird that I'm not telling you what blogs I belong to? the answer is probably "yes". I can't help it that I'm weirdly protective of them! :-o


  1. Hey Priscilla! Even though you are being secretive about your favorites I thought I'd share a couple of mine. :) These are a few blogs that I check daily and love!

  2. Good choice. I will follow this blog. MySpace isnt good enough for me...
    Good to know about google reader, but i think the RSS readers are the best way to follow different blogs.
    Now i will put your blog on my RSS...
    You're just starting in the "blogosfera". I started following 3 blogs a couple of years ago... now im following more than 20 blogs!!!! :p In one of those blogs i discover a video called "Living in a tree"(from the blogotheque), the singer was a girl called P. Ahn... since then... :D

    Cheers for the new blog.
    Viva la blogosfera!!!

    P.D.: Sorry my poor english, write in different blogs help to practice.

  3. Hahahaha, I hardly ever embrace popular fads, but I like blogs especially those that are about doom metal (such as

    I also read the blogs of bands mostly, especially if one is coming out with a highly anticipated album.

    Speaking of which, how's the follow up to A Good Day coming along? I think you should do a series, like A Good Morning, or A Good Afternoon, or A Good Late Evening, or A Good Witching Hour or A Good Graveyard Shift. *giggles*

    Here's to hoping you'll do a show in Berks County one of these days! I'll be there!

  4. I love almost everything about Google! (the only exception is I love my iPhone more than their Smart phone). The reader is Amazing! I downloaded the Google app on my iPhone so that I can get to my Reader. I subscribe to so many different things, and I still look at their recommendations. It seem so easy to maneuver around the site.

    Yea, you are starting a blog! No it's not 3 years ago. Your readers and fans will enjoy it! I will be adding it my Reader.


  5. Found your new blog on MySpace. I think it's amazing you are watching Kiki's Delievery Service! One of my favorite movies. :]

  6. you´re not boring at all!

    i love you´re music <3

    come to Mexico =) !!!

  7. Lol... no no Priscilla, blogs are very much current still. Welcome to the blogoshpere! :-)

  8. Hey Priscilla thanks for the tip!
    Had always seen the google reader link but never bothered to find out what it actually did lol. Just subscribed to your blog as well among others. Laterz.

  9. Oh nice, you have a blog now! Keep the good music coming please :]

  10. ooh nice surprise to find your new blog! blogging is still awesome (though i personally prefer tumblr). looking forward to your blog posts!

  11. Nope, blogs are still rock 'em, sock 'em awesome. ;) glad to see you joining the realm! GoogleReader is the best.

  12. don't worry, i suffer from the same blog-collecting obsession. my 'favourites' list is about two feet long. :)

    welcome to the blog world, love, and hope you have a truly magical experience!

  13. Welcome aboard! Personally, I'm
    stoked that you're on here. :o)

    Looking forward to grabbing my
    own cup of coffee and reading
    what YOU have to say.

  14. Hmm, I subscribed to a bunch of blogs and totally forgot about Google reader. So..thanks for the reminder! Now I get to waste more time online >_<

    Btw, are you planning on touring again anytime soon? I wish I had made your previous shows =/ Hope things are going well!

    All the best,

  15. Hi Priscilla, welcome to blogging!

    I just want to say that I think you're an amazing writer, and you have a beautiful voice. Lullaby is absolutely perfect.

    If you're ever really bored, try reading my blog. :-p

  16. Google Reader is amazing and slightly addicting...always waiting for those updates! And now, your blog will be added to mine. Hurray!

  17. You make my day whenever you have a new posting! Thank you so much for being so wonderful!

  18. I'm wrapped around your little finger PA and will read whatever you want to write!

    I met you at Starbucks on a wee free download card on a Tuesday and have been singing with you ever since! I often have your music on my blog (I build a playlist at
    I've been blogging for 3 years and these people will become family to you! Have fun :)

  19. SOOO happy you are blogging and can't believe I just discovered this! I had to give you a little shout out on my own blog, but will def be writing more about your music in a later post! Love your music!!