Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Album coming 1st to Japan!

[photo by Nathan Hazard]
This album cover is exclusive to Japan, and some other parts of SE Asia.
The U.S. & worldwide album artwork will be different.

This Is Where We Are, the title of my new album, is on it's way out, via SE Asia, and then to the U.S. and hopefully the rest of the world.  

It's being released next week on June 19th in Japan!!!  This will be the first place in the world who will hear my new album.  Some of you might be wondering, why Japan?  Why not the U.S. first?  Well, as some of you know, I'm no longer on a record label in the U.S., so I've actually made this album all on my own here.  So we're in the process of locking down a few deals in the U.S. right now.  After that, we have to do the proper promotion, so that people (other than my hardcore fans) will know of its release.  The intention is to have a big and successful release, rather than a small and unnoticed one (so please tell your friends!).  The release date for This Is Where We Are

 will probably be sometime in late September or October in the U.S./Worldwide.  I'm bummed some of you have to wait that long.  Especially since I'm so excited to get this album out there to you!!!  But the following releases will be something like this:
JAPAN - June 19th

S. KOREA - July

TAIWAN - September

U.S./WORLDWIDE - late September/October

SE Asia gets to release my album first, because I'm still on labels there, so we've been doing promo for it for a little while.  Hence, why I'm still in Taiwan!  :)

I am having a BLAST here!  I feel like it deserves its own separate post.  I'll work on it during my flight to Beijing today.  

Lots of love,
P. A.


  1. Could we get a song list!? I'm in the U.S. And am so anxious for it already! :)

  2. This makes me sad :'( your last album was so beautiful. While I was listening to it I was working on a drawing if my daughter playing in a circular thing on the playground and it turned into my Restless Wonderland series. All thanks to your beautiful haunting lyrics ♥

  3. Yay! I get to hear your new album when I visit my parents in Korea next month! Can't wait :))))

  4. what a good news! I wish I could get the album soon in Hong Kong!

  5. Very cool Priscilla! Keep up the good work!

  6. Wooohooo, i love u so much. Thank you for the info. best news from angel tonsils. You are uniting.My greatgrandfather was a University grad and Australian doctor ( full blood Chinese) at the turn of the century.My Dad died from fighting the Korean war and spent a lot of time in Japan which he loved and the people. I dont mind waiting while you bridge big gaps. I try and follow what the east is doing musically and we are all missing out on so much because of markets and exposure and missing out on great musicians and music.
    You made my day. I knew i wasnt wrong, you are the best and most beautiful biggest dork i have ever loved and followed. Your voice and music dont need much help these days but I will spread your music around. You rock P. Heaven

  7. Here's your fan from India who can't wait to get the new album. I wish this album all the success!

  8. Priscilla,
    I'm so happy to learn that your new album will be released in Japan so soon. I am the girl who commented a while ago about quitting her job and trying to pursue music. I will definitely buy your new album. I read that you will be attending the Fuji Rock Festival. Will you be performing your new music there? I hope to see you there:)

  9. We'd sure love a StageIt show for the rest of us in the meantime...please...pretty please? :-)

  10. Would your new album be available digitally :) cross fingers.... on amazon mp3 :)

  11. No kidding! Any digital release plans? Thanks for the teaser though, so looking forward to this!!!

  12. I'm a fan here from yeehaw North Carolina. Come visit the South someday and have the world's finest sweet tea with your beautiful music. Yeehaw!

  13. Will your album be available in Hong Kong, too? I'll be there in November and would love to get a copy :-)

  14. My sister's visiting Taiwan and i asked her to buy this! I'm really excited! yay!