Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Heart Taipei !

Where to begin...

It was my first time to Taiwan, a country I've been wanting to visit for a long time because so many of my nearest and dearest friends are Taiwanese (including the lovely Wendy Wang of The Sweet Hurt).  So I was really happy to go there to promote my Japanese albums, as well as my new album, This Is Where We Are, being released there in September!

The people there are so nice, the food is unbelievable, the night markets are so much fun!  I can't wait to come back for my 1st show there on July 31st at Neo Studio (purchase tickets here).  If you live nearby -- I'd love to see you there!  :)

Here are some of the things I saw, did, and tasted:

Best mango snowflake ice!

My showcase at Anhe 65

Anhe65: Filled with kittens and cute pillow people.

My 1st Taipei night market experience

Spicy fish balls = delicious

Green Papaya Salad, Medium Spicy = burning lips

Grilled fishies = grilled yummies!

Omelet with oysters = Heck yes!

I can barely contain myself here.

Performing on MTV.  A huge screen behind me with my "Love" video playing, featuring my Mike and I.  Just another normal day.

Beautiful and touching Sodagreen charity concert for children with cancer

Being interviewed and asked to sing a cappella on the spot by Sodagreen in front of 10,000 people.  Another totally normal day.  (!!!)


I ate jellyfish for the 1st time!

Best fried rice ever!
Fish eggs popped in your mouth.


Their airport has a pond in it!  Ok... this isn't a fair post on Beijing.  Unfortunately, I only got to spend about 14 hours in this city that I am so curious about!  I played a super fun showcase at Sculpting In Time, a really neat artistic cafe, and performed on MTV, and immediately went back to the airport.  I really can't wait to come back here and see more of this amazing city!


Law Baw Gow (spelling is way off)  = My new fave snack!

Sticky rice with red bean = ok, my new NEW favorite snack!

More night market madness!

I shot the balloons and won a rubik's cube!

I'm sure I'm totally making the ocean out of balance from all the seafood I eat!
Small fried crabs

Things are getting crazy.  It's a night market food fiesta!

Wheel pastries with cream = drool...

Warm candied juicy strawberries = over the edge drool!

Super cool area I can't remember the name of.  Used to be an old factory where they made alcohol I think.

Last supper feast!

Stinky tofu = surprisingly awesome + addicting!

Me, Ice Monster, and Mr. Kevin

And hours before the airport, I got some of this put into my hair, inspired by the beautiful Deserts Chang

I can't wait to go back to Taiwan and China!!!  Thank you for the unforgettable experiences -- see you soon!

p. a.


  1. Sorry, random comment, but I was just you identify more as Half-Asian, or Korean, or whatever your white half is?

    I'm half asian, and I identify more as Japanese, out of my two halves, but I also feel like I have something in common with other half asian people. Even if they're not Japanese, Irish like I am.

    1. That's a tough question... it depends on what kind of situation I'm in, or where I'm at. I morph into feeling more Korean at times, and then more American sometimes. Sometimes it can be confusing or difficult. Other times I feel really lucky to have grown up with 2 different cultures. One thing I personally try to remind myself of is that in the end, I am American. And America is so cool because there are so many different ethnicities and cultures living together here (even though, depending on where you live, it might not feel like it). There are so many mixes of races. Ideally, everyone is accepted here, whether they're white, indian, black, asian, mixed, etc...

      I can relate easily to other half-asian mixes, even if they come from different backgrounds. We all have these very unique identities in one way or another. Some of us grew up with 2 or more different cultures in our lives. It's something that can connect us all together, no matter where we come from, or what our cultures' histories have experienced.

      It can be strange for me at times to identify myself.... but I try to remember, "Unique is the new chic!" ;)

    2. And I can relate easily to what you're saying, even though WE come from different backgrounds. :)

      Thank you so much for replying!

  2. You made me so hungry with all those pictures of deliciousness!! Those wheel pastries with cream are the ones you had with us when we met up at Little Tokyo last time! Those are about 3 times the size and I'm sure more delicious. So glad you had such a wonderful trip!! :)

  3. wonderful! i love fried rice =)

  4. Thanks for sharing those. Hoping to go too in the near future. Too much to see. Would be a highlight if you were performing there same time. The Fuji gathering in Japan is going to be awesome.
    Your certainly a candidate for a Sea Shepherd alert .

  5. The old factory was HuaShan park in Taipei.

  6. Wow! You are so lucky to go to these places:) Btw I love your music and I hope one day I can see you in real life because you acre my inspiration!
    Lots of love from me:) hope you have a great time where you are

  7. Wendy Wang is a brilliant singer/songwriter too!
    Entertaining 10 000 at once surely suited you.

  8. Why not come to Suzhou? It's amazing. You gonna love it.. :)