Monday, June 10, 2013

China Bound

I'm sitting at LAX airport waiting to board a plane bound for Taipei. Taipei!!!! I've never been here before, but am about to embark on a 12 day promo trip that includes a stop in Beijing as well (another place I've never been). I'm a mixed bag of excited and extremely curious! I wanted to take a selfie of myself here at the airport, but I just look terrible. When I dress for the airplane I just can not find it in me to dress chic or cool at all. In fact, I go borderline hobo. No, not hobo-chic. Just downright bummish. I always wear my go-to black sweatpants (think early 90's), t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt (hooded so I can hide my face if I need to), long socks, and running shoes. Makeup?? pff! do my hair?? HA! If you put a softball glove in my hand I would look (and be) completely ready for a scrimmage game. I know they say if you dress nicely, sometimes they (whoever "they" are) spot you out and choose your gorgeously dressed self to sit in first class. There's no way in heck that's happening today or any day I fly. And so alas, no selfie photo to show you. I literally sat here and tried...but realized pretty quickly that no one other than my loved ones would want to see me like this.

That being said, much love to YOU. I'll keep you posted on how the upgrades and promo your goes! x



  1. go to nanluoguxiang in Beijing!

  2. ENJOY your time there and eat to your hearts content. I haven't been to China yet, but I can speak for Taiwan's food. It's freaking delicious. Lots of "small dishes", noodle dishes, dumplings, etc. I'm so excited for you. It'll be fun!! If you can get to any of the parks to sight see it's also really beautiful :) Safe travels, P!!

  3. Love you Priscilla!!!! You are so funny and talented!! You really are my inspiration..!!

  4. Wahhh!!! :) I love Taiwan! Have fun!

  5. Have fun. China will love you as much as the US and Korea if they do not already

  6. Have fun! If you can, visit the birds cafe! Best coffee shop you'll find in Taipei!

  7. Hi, Priscilla.
    Love to hear from you on the trip for Tiapei.
    I've liked to read what you write which had made me smile as well as want to write a comment. But I didn't, just sneaked a look. Cause I am not quite famillar with writing in English.
    Downright Bummish! So fun.
    I really look forward to listening you here in South Korea. If you fly to here, I would take a picture of you in the very style.( just kidding^^)
    Isn't there any plan to give your concert here? My husband and me, as your big fans, are waiting for you to come over to Korea.
    Hope to see you soon.
    I wish you enjoy you promo trip and take good care of yourself in this getting hotter season.

    Love, SoEun

  8. According to the records, you're the most photogenic person I've ever seen.