Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hello Sandwich Workshop

Hello Sandwich is one of my favorite bloggers/crafters around.

I had one afternoon off from work in Tokyo, which lined up perfectly with one of Hello Sandwich's craft workshops!!!  I was so happy to finally get to attend one of these...


The workshop was located in the Ao Building.


Here is what we ended up making.
Handmade pins with ribbon and lace.
And I chose to make a strawberry out of this very special Martha Stewart clay.  This clay was so strange but so much fun!  Sort of reminded me of that weird foam stuff I used to play with as a kid.  Like "Gak" but foamy.


Here we are, hard at work.


Me & "The Sandwich" (Ebony Bizys) with our finished pins and totes.

A cute craft book featuring Hello Sandwich.

This is Hello Sandwich's newly released craft book!
It is all in Japanese, however there are many beautiful photos that are pretty self-explanatory.
Here is a link with photos and a great explanation of what's inside and where you can get your hands on one.

This is a photo from the book.
It might have to be my next project!  ;)

p. ahn

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  1. I remember Gak! Remember the Gak they made with the foam balls in it, too? Was that Floam?! Haha... Cute lace pin! It reminds me of a dreamcatcher, but less Native Indian, more "fairy dreamland" :) Have a great rest of your visit! (and thanks for the comments on the video!)