Monday, August 8, 2011

We're Very Normal Just Like You

I wanted to say another "thank you" to everyone who brought gifts to my shows in Korea and Singapore!

I felt bad because my signing session at the Jisan Valley Rock Festival was so time limited, so I hardly had any time to properly say thank you to people who dropped off presents and notes. But I want to say, it's so extremely generous and thoughtful of you all! It's never necessary of course. I'm just happy to have your support! But I loved every one, and read every letter. The letters were all so sweet and moving. To those of you who brought Korean movies -- thank you so much! They are a perfect thing to help keep me learning Korean! And the pocket mirrors are so cute! I actually have been on the hunt for one -- and they are perfect!

I also wanted to feature a gift that was handmade for me by Her other accessories are so pretty as well!

And then of course, I bought a few "gifts" for myself! (and for friends too -- but I can't show them here because I haven't given them out yet)

Ok, I think I'm becoming a mug collector.

I couldn't resist this one. It's filled with all sorts of characters, who are "very normal just like you".

This one enjoys ice skating and badminton.

And this guy's into PE and cooking.

Thank you again for your sweet gifts! And more importantly, for your beautiful support.

Lots of love,
p. ahn


  1. everything is so adorable <3 and that ring is beautiful! thank you for sharing !!

  2. loved this post, it's full of love, and i'm sort of a mug collector myself :)

  3. lovely! I love your music so much your an inspiration, keep singing:)

  4. Hi Priscilla!

    Thanks fr blogging e ring I made fr u! Really grateful fr that!& really glad that u like 'em!!
    Btw, your live perf at esplanade is really good! I finally get to know e stories of some of ur songs!

    All the best to you & come back to Singapore soon!! You have to try out more food here!

    Shihui :D

  5. those are so cute I love the bubbles mugs. :)

  6. YAY!
    Soooo happy that you like Korean movie DVDs.
    I'm one of those who gave you DVDs.
    I gave you them in yellow wrapping paper.
    They're all interesting movies in their own way IMO. hahaha
    I hope you really enjoy them and learn more Korean.
    Of course, your Korean is already getting better, I think.
    Oh, I was so nervous and I forgot to give you my note then. -_-;
    And the pocket mirrors are from Mitch Seung-Yoon Chae.
    He tried to give you funny and cute gifts.
    I think he succeeded.
    And the girl named "Young" - you signed her name on CDs - geve you the shells she gathered in Jeju Island.
    She wanted to give you something meaningful to her.
    And the fan is from Hae-sang Jeong.
    He hopes you get through this summer with the fan.

    We are SO happy that you are happy with the gifts.

  7. Such lovely accessory and mugs! I hope you can come and sing in the future here in the Philippines! <3