Saturday, August 27, 2011

Footage From Japan Tour

This is a video made by Charlie Wadhams, who sang and gently shredded on the electric guitar for my recent Japan tour. This video only captures a small percentage of all the fun we had there! I only wish we could have stayed longer!

Many photos to come!

p. ahn


  1. I was there.. (billboard osaka)...
    It was amazing to hear your beautiful voice.
    Thanks for coming to japan...♪(v^_^)v

  2. Oh lovely! What if you could make a video like that every place you went to.

  3. Sukiyaki!?
    What a beautiful song!!!!
    It's good to watch you and your friends had a fun time.

  4. I was fascinated by your beautiful voice and your live performance at Billboard Tokyo and Osaka. Of course i like this video very much. Please come back to Japan soon. Thank you, ARIGATO!!

  5. Hi Priscilla☆
    Wow this video is nice I am glad you and your bandmember had a nice time while you were in japan (^ー^)
    It was such a wonderful show in Osaka♪♪♪
    I really enjoyed it Thank you very much☆
    I was sitting just in front of the stage
    (in front of the keybord)and you were singing very close and I was very much impressed your voice and you look so pretty.and your band were such a nice combination with your voice☆
    I was also impressed you were singing
    Japanese song「ue wo muite arukou」 beautifuly.  

    Thank you soooo much for coming to JAPAN
    gave us a lot of courage and happiness
    and please say thank you to your band
    menber too!

    PS:I bought a "Hello beautiful card"that
    you made,so nice(^-^) I putted at the wall
    in my room became so cozy♪♪ Thank you!

  6. wow..nice..i love Japan coz i love anime..and i love you.

    Your fan,

    from Philippines :D