Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pictures from Japan

Where to begin....

Of course, I have to start with my favorite: Udon Soup.
This one was particularly delicious!

We took a trip to the Tower Records in Shibuya where they had a very nice display for my CDs! They had me sign the display board.


And now... moving on to the phenomena of K-POP!
They had their own section at Tower Records.

I saw K-POP bands everywhere! On huge buildings and buses -- I think I can even say that I know a few K-POP songs now just from hearing them everywhere I go!

I saw this flyer at the EMI office. Looks like they are re-releasing the Pink Floyd collection. I had to include this since I'm such a big fan.

I saw my CD at the Tsutaya store. I thought it was adorable that they made their own stick figure drawings on the name card. :)

It was so amazing performing at the Billboard Live venues again.

They even made me a 'Priscilla Ahn' heart pizza!!!

I went to my favorite bar in Shibuya after one of the shows and enjoyed some delicious homemade jams!
Nectarine and peace -- YUM!

Everyone on their lunch break.
Something you don't see much of in America:
well-dressed skinny people in line for Burger King.

Flying into Osaka.

Classic Charlie Wadhams.
This was all he packed. And yes, he checked it.

On the hunt for a cozy bar on our last night in Japan.

Aaron Redfield (drums), Aaron Arntz (keys), Wendy Wang (bass), me, and Charlie Wadhams (electric guitar).

This was, yet again, another amazing trip to Japan. I was so inspired by all the people. Hearing first hand accounts of how they were affected by the earthquake or tsunami, broke my heart in many ways. And yet... I was so truly inspired by how strong everyone continues to be. I broke down and cried in my last show in Osaka during my final performance of "Ue o Muite Arukou".

Thank you to all my fans who came out and supported me. I hope my music was able to make you smile in some way! Thanks to my amazing band as well. I love you all!

p. ahn

p.s. I came back from this Asia tour with a lot of great memories -- and tons of dried seaweed and man-plum candies!


  1. I went to the same store in Shibuya (I think =) back in Oct of 2008 and saw your cd there. I even took a picture of it. I should send it to you.


  2. we are looking forward to seeing you
    next time in Japan☆Big Thanks to
    Priscilla,Aaron Redfield , Aaron Arntz,
    Wendy Wang , and Charlie Wadhams.
    You are all fantastic(^0^)♪♪♪

  3. come to india too nxt tym!!! ^_^

  4. Thank you for your performance in Japan last month.
    I was glad to listen to your heartful songs at billboard-live tokyo.
    I will wait for your re-visit to Japan, with Otoko-ume candies :)

  5. i just love your blog pricilla... ur such an amazing singer and human being... god bless you hope you get much much much more than what you already have :) do check out my blogs too :)

    lots of love......

  6. ooooooh i love japan and i luv youuuu forever =)