Monday, August 8, 2011


Hi everyone!

I wanted to share some photos from my brief trip to Singapore! I had such an amazing time there, in only 2 days. I hope to come back for sure, and for a much longer period of time. I was so inspired to see so many cultures living together. And the food...... let's just say, I had to wear baggy dresses to hide my tummy full of noodles and soups!

Speaking of food, one of the first meals we had was on Amoy Street. Not sure if I'm spelling that right... We stumbled upon this place by accident. I had fish and prawn soup from this fish porridge vendor:
Then there's the stunning architecture, ranging in all different shapes, styles, and sizes:

The building in the distance is a hotel with a huge swimming pool on top.

This is the venue I played in!

Other fun observations:
A wooden transformer standing next to a wooden bicycle.

Thank you to everyone who came to my show in Singapore. It was a memorable show and experience for me. And for those of you who came to see me from Malaysia -- I'll be coming to you soon! Can't wait!

p. ahn


  1. i'd so love to travel the world some day! until then.. thank you so much for sharing your adventures!

  2. Yeyyyyyy! seeing you perform and hugging you for real was one of the best bartday gift i ever received this year!!! =) hope to see you come back soon!!!!

  3. Hi Priscilla, glad you had fun in Singapore.
    I missed your concert as I was on biz trip to Korea ... :(
    Hope you do make it back here again!


  4. hi priscilla, i'm a fan of yours from Malaysia. Happy to know you are coming here. Btw, how can i know the date and venue????


    Drop me a line and I'd be glad/happy/megahappy/honoured to hook you up with lotsa super yummy food! And it won't be the ones in tour guidebooks... It'll be ninja places locals go to! And we can be wallflower friends. Teehee~

    <3 the girl who came to see you from Malaysia :D

  6. PS. The Boobs Song is still stuck in my head. It's just too good!

  7. i always love looking through pictures from different places i never visited and might never visit. Thank you for sharring your trip with us!

  8. aww honey! beautiful pictures! too bad you could not come to Malaysia. hopefully soon because I'll be the first to buy your ticket LOL (:

  9. yes please come to malaysia ASAP! :)

  10. Glad to see you enjoyed your visit to singapore (: If you ever come back in the future, be sure to check out some of the parks we have here! They're really serene. Oh, and your concert was great too! Loved it. (:

  11. when will your show be in Indonesia? cant wait to see your show here.

  12. was singapore too hot & humid for you? i'm glad you loved the food (: please come back again!

  13. I Went to see your show today and it was awesome . You have great voice. It's a wonderful experience just to hear you sing. I hope i can see another show of your live performance.....

  14. hey priscilla(:

    I know this is kinda late but my bf and I went to your show in SG and we were PSYCHED! it was "technically" the second time we caught a performance tgt but we preferred your's sooo much more! anyhoo. I decided to tell you that you should check out Haji Lane when you come by the next time! I dont know if you'll still remember by then... so come soon, and you won't forget! (:


  15. Dear Priscilla,
    it was a shame to miss your concert in Singapore! :( hope you will come back soon and all the best to your future endeavours!


  16. Hi there! I hv been listening to your music non stop tonite! Cry baby brought tears as it is so heartbreakingly beautiful while oh la la brought hope that love might drop by soon! I hope u can slot in malaysia (kuala lumpur in particular) for your 2012 plan. Malaysians are a great crowd and im sure every1 would be blownaway by your music :)

    Please do play in msia id love to see u perform live!

    Love love and hope u hv a great year ahead :)